Monster Hunter Rise demo now available for Nintendo Switch

Who doesn’t like getting something for free? Nintendo Switch owners can take advantage of a limited time offer to play Monster Hunter Rise through the Nintendo eShop. This is a teaser in advance of the full release of the game, which will be available on Switch on March 26.

This free demo continues through Jan. 31 so you’ll have a few weeks to break it in and familiarize yourself with the new Wyvern Riding gameplay mechanic.


monster hunter rise_Wyvern-Riding-02

The Monster Hunter Rise demo offers several options for hunting with offline solo and up to four player offline, local and online multiplayer modes utilizing all 14 weapon types. Here’s all the available modes/quests in the demo:

monster hunter rise_Magnamalo-01

  • Training – Learn the basics of monster hunting, including an introduction to the new Wirebug mechanic and Palamute riding. Solo play only.
  • Wyvern Riding – Enter an arena to experience Wyvern Riding, a new feature that allows hunters to ride and guide monsters for a period of time. Solo play only.
  • Beginner Quest: Great Izuchi – Ideal for first time players or hunters who need a refresher course. Solo play, local multiplayer and online multiplayer.
  • Intermediate Quest: Mizutsune – A fierce challenge for experienced players only. Solo play, local multiplayer and online multiplayer.

If you’re playing offline local play, you don’t need the Nintendo Switch Online membership. NSO is necessary if you’re playing online. Through the Monster Hunter Rise demo, NSO is available on another free trial for all Switch players.

monster hunter rise_Buddy-Handler

NOTE: The demo provides hunters with a total of 30 quest attempts, which are shared between both (beginner and intermediate) quests. The Tutorial and Wyvern Riding training do not count against the 30 quest limit, but those modes cannot be accessed after the limit is reached.

monster hunter rise_Meowcenaries


The icy Goss Harag is a new monster debuting in Monster Hunter Rise.

This fanged beast will send a chill down hunters’ spines, as he roams through snowy fields in search of new prey and attacks using blades of ice. Goss Harag is right at home in the Frost Islands, a new snow-capped and windswept locale that was once the nesting grounds for large dragons, who only the bravest hunters would attempt to slay.

monster hunter rise_Lagombi-01

The demo will also feature other classic fan favorites including Lagombi, Khezu, Great Baggi, Barioth, Mizutsune and Tigrex. Capcom will also reveal other new/returning monsters as the game gets closer to release.

Photo Credit: Capcom