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American Vampire 1976 #4

American Vampire 1976 #4

The vampires and vampire hunters have assembled and are on a flight to track down a mysterious secret left behind by George Washington. Easily the best part of this issue is seeing all the various characters play off of each other.

Writer Scott Snyder built up this gathering to make it especially meaningful and the varying agendas and personalities definitely makes for easy reading.

Snyder has given the characters such strongly defined personalities that it’s not hard to predict how certain members of the party will react to the strategy session.

Meanwhile, the vampire-influenced president is considering options between a big fireworks display for the Fourth of July or unleashing a nuclear war.

Rafael Albuquerque’s artwork is stunning as he shows such a dynamic sense of scene setting that it’s a breeze to feel the tension, anger and excitement of the characters. The issue’s visual highlights are when the president envisions the invasion of the vampires as he politely speaks to his Secret Service agents.

Dave McCaig’s color choices are superb and finish setting the tone of the various scenarios.

American Vampire 1976 remains a blast thanks to its strongly defined characters, electric art and menacing villains.

Rating: 9.5 out of 10