DC Comics reviews 1/12/21 – Future State Justice League #1, Future State Dark Detective #1

Future State Dark Detective #1

Future State Dark Detective #1

Unlike most of the Future State titles, which seem to occur in some far off setting, Dark Detective sounds like it could take place in a few months.

Bruce Wayne is down to the last few dollars of the Wayne Fortune and Nakano is still mayor of Gotham, events that are currently being set in motion in the Batman books.

The main area where Mariko Tamaki’s story doesn’t hold up is the notion that Bruce Wayne (and Batman) are believed dead yet Bruce freely walks around Gotham without even using his Matches Malone disguise. This would be like a major celebrity being thought dead and casually walking around the streets and no one notices.

It also seemed odd that Tamaki didn’t mention much about the Bat Family as Batman wouldn’t have gone so long letting them think he was dead unless he had amnesia.

Artist Dan Mora’s vision of Gotham seems infused with the cityscape of Blade Runner with pop-up holograms that engage passersby. That’s an ideal backdrop for colorist Jordie Bellaire, who delivers a hypnotic take on the city. Mora has a good action director’s sense in staging the action sequences, which are a highlight.


Interestingly Batman ends up playing second fiddle this issue to The Grifter story by writer Matthew Rosenberg and artist Carmine Di Giandomenico. Grifter ends up in a Magistrate van with Luke Fox, who offers him a huge payday provided he can get him out of Gotham. Rosenberg quickly sets up a fun buddy action comedy dynamic as Grifter and Luke go from one bad situation to another.

The artwork from Di Giandomenico is a tremendous showcase for the artist who blazed such an impressive path in the early Rebirth days of The Flash. He’s got such a vibrancy to his art that it feels like everything is in a constant state of motion. Colorist Antonio Fabela finishes off the amazing visuals with bold striking colors.

I’m curious about this new direction for Batman, but I immediately want more Grifter/Luke Fox stories from this creative team as it was one of the best Future State stories of the week.

Rating: 9 out of 10