DC Comics reviews 1/12/21 – Future State Justice League #1, Future State Dark Detective #1

Future State Robin Eternal #1

Future State Robin Eternal #1

Tim Drake was in a weird spot following his Rebirth disappearance in Detective Comics. He returned later in the series only to endure the continuity-challenged series that was Brian Michael Bendis’ Young Justice. The less said about the Drake code name the better.

That makes Robin Eternal an interesting title as writer Meghan Fitzmartin features a Tim Drake that many Robin III fans haven’t seen in years.

Now into the second week of Future State it’s becoming clearer that a timeline/roadmap would be helpful in explaining where these stories are taking place. In this issue, Tim is dealing with The Magistrates in Gotham and Bruce Wayne is believed dead. Fallout with the rest of the Bat Family seems to clash with events playing out in other titles. This kind of confusion could have been avoided and doesn’t suggest a lot of collaboration between the various creative teams.

Regardless, Fitzmartin has a solid handle on Tim’s voice automatically making it one of the better Tim stories in three years. He’s attempting to stop The Magistrate from unleashing a deadly new tech to make hunting down vigilantes even easier. Tim’s also updated his tech to make the odds a little better, but he’ll need some help from the remaining Gotham vigilantes. One isn’t that big a surprise, but the other is a fascinating addition to the cast.


To further signify this is an important title, former Detective Comics artist Eddy Barrows handles the artwork. Barrows has a thrilling action style and he captures all of the dramatic bits of the more emotional scenes. Barrows’ frequent collaborators, inker Ebie Ferreira and colorist Adriano Lucas, maintain their standard of excellence resulting in one of the better looking books this week.

Fitzmartin saves the big twist for the end with a solid cliffhanger that opens up a ton of potential for the Bat Family’s war with The Magistrate.

Robin Eternal is another strong addition to the Future State Batman Family umbrella and finally restores Tim Drake to a place of prominence.

Rating: 9 out of 10