DC Comics reviews 1/12/21 – Future State Justice League #1, Future State Dark Detective #1

Future State Teen Titans #1

Future State Teen Titans #1

A week into Future State and a trend has emerged. Creative teams that are able to bring some light into the bleak backdrop with inspirational or unique characters make for stronger books than the ones that double down on bleak despair.

It’s a bit too early to definitively state Teen Titans’ spot although writer Tim Sheridan quickly establishes that things are not well with the teen heroes.

With many of their members dead, the team is bracing for a final fight against an unrevealed enemy. Sheridan uses flashbacks to explain how the Titans went from a teaching academy to a small battalion bracing for one final standoff. The flashbacks aren’t that insightful beyond showing the initial hope of this iteration of the team.

In the current timeframe, Nightwing and Starfire run the team, but their unspoken tension is further complicating team chemistry. And with the arrival of Cybeast, things are getting even closer to unraveling.

While the idea of a merged Cyborg and Changeling isn’t out of the range of possibility due to their BFF status, it is frustrating that the Titans most prominent black member keeps getting marginalized.

Rafa Sandoval’s artwork is as quality and classy as ever. Sandoval has a steady hand and a calm layout of his pages that make it easy to follow. Colorist Alejandro Sanchez uses some nice blending techniques for the flashback sequences.

The idea of the graduated Teen Titans leading a teaching academy has loads of promise, but Sheridan may have spoiled too much of the journey revealing this eventual direction. Hopefully, there will be some fun developments through the series to offer some hope for readers instead of another apocalyptic DC storyline.

Rating: 5 out of 10