DC Comics reviews 1/12/21 – Future State Justice League #1, Future State Dark Detective #1

Future State Superman Wonder Woman #1

Future State Superman Wonder Woman #1

It’s too soon for the Future State books to get so confusing yet that’s the case with the first installment of Superman Wonder Woman.

In this series, writer Dan Watters has grown Jonathan Kent further. He’s now fully reached his potential as Superman and Metropolis seems far removed from the state of events in Superman of Metropolis. There doesn’t seem to be much use in advancing the timeline of a distant event even further as it feels like Watters is asking readers to catch up on something that’s never been explained.

There’s a subplot with the sun-eater Solaris and a sun god that’s friends with Yara Flor, the new Wonder Woman. Superman and Wonder Woman have somewhat of a prickly relationship as Yara thinks Superman and the rest of the Justice League are doing enough for the regular people. It’s a good thing DC has big plans for Yara as she’s quickly emerging as one of the new stars of Future State.

The art from Leila Del Luca is serviceable although it feels a little too stiff with rigid perspectives of movement. Nick Filardi’s color work fared better specifically during the Solaris sequences.

Superman Wonder Woman fails to make a strong impression with a plot point that feels a bit too similar to Grant Morrison’s All-Star Superman and a confusing continuity twist.

Rating: 6 out of 10

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