AEW Unrivaled MJF figure review

MJF is a great heel. He plays the swarmy bastard perfectly. He’s a modern day equivalent of guys like Tully Blanchard, Buddy Roberts and Jimmy Garvin, who ran their mouth constantly and were equally frustrating as they could back it up in the ring. He’s the kind of heel that you’d need early on in building your AEW Unrivaled collection so I’m thrilled he made the cut for wave 2 of the Wicked Cool Toys and Jazwares line.

Let’s see if this figure is better than the rest so I’ll know it.

Packaging: I love the gold foil and how it contrasts with the black base color, but WCT/Jazwares really needs to enhance this packaging and throw in a bio and some stats.

aew unrivaled mjf figure review -package stats

The presentation is very bare and seems done with as little effort as possible.

Likeness:  MJF might be the best figure in the line so far. The likeness is dead on — the head sculpt is tremendous fully capturing his smarmy attitude.

aew unrivaled mjf figure review -taunt pose

This body also is the most appropriate of all the ones I’ve seen from the line. It’s a good match for his stockier and shorter build.

aew unrivaled mjf figure review -scale with chris jericho, cody rhodes and jon moxley

Scale:  MJF is relatively short at 5’11” putting him around the same height as the Young Bucks (Nick at 5’11” and Matt at 5’10”), Chris Jericho at 6′ and looking up at the 6’4″ Jon Moxley.

aew unrivaled mjf figure review -facing chris jericho, cody rhodes and jon moxley


Paint:  No death pale skin tone this wave. That was addressed and corrected now. MJF’s hair doesn’t have the same glossy sheen as some other figures so far in the series.

The tampo work on his tights and the argyle pattern on the back of his kneepads was a nice touch.

MJF’s tattoos were also well done from his big lion king on the right bicep and the abdomen tat on his left side.

Articulation:  Like the rest of the line, MJF’s greatest asset is his articulation. You shouldn’t have much trouble pulling off any of his moves including the Heatseeker and Salt of the Earth.

aew unrivaled mjf figure review -headlock to moxley

aew unrivaled mjf figure review -resting on ropes

I wish I could get just a tad more torque on the arm with butterfly joints, but otherwise this figure has the ideal articulation setup.

aew unrivaled mjf figure review -triangle to jon moxley

aew unrivaled mjf figure review -armbreaker to jon moxley

MJF has:

  • neck
  • bicep
  • ball-jointed shoulders
  • elbows (double-jointed)
  • wrists
  • wrist hinge
  • torso
  • waist
  • hips
  • thighs
  • knees (double-jointed)
  • ankles

aew unrivaled mjf figure review -clothesline chris jericho

aew unrivaled mjf figure review - jumping onto jericho's arm

Accessories:  MJF doesn’t come with a big allotment of accessories. He has his trademark scarf — this one is a cloth one, which is nice. And he’s got an AEW mic.

aew unrivaled mjf figure review -accessories in tray

That’s a useful accessory yet it’s another indicator that this line really needs more accessories. Steel chairs, ladders, barbed wire, tables, etc. that aren’t character specific, but useful in building out the AEW environment.

Worth it?  I grabbed MJF for $20. That’s a decent price, but the value doesn’t quite match up compared to other lines for the same price.

Rating: 10 out of 10

WCT/Jazwares did a great job with MJF. I don’t have any complaints with the figure and he’s the new yardstick for quality figures in this line.

aew unrivaled mjf figure review - with all accessories

Where to get it?  Walmart is the only game in town for these figures. That’s not ideal since their restocking hasn’t been great. Wave 3 is already starting to show up so you may want to hunt faster than normal to avoid missing out on him. You might get lucky and track him down with an open order and store pickup.

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