Fear the Walking Dead: Alaska review S6 E3

Alaska reaffirmed that Fear the Walking Dead features the absolute messiest characters in an action drama, who’s selfishness is rarely rewarded with negative consequences coming their way. Instead, it’s the peripheral characters that have to suffer for their actions.

Al and Dwight have been assigned to record footage using GoPros of abandoned sanctuaries and attempt to decipher what led to their downfall. Gotta say that this is smart career placement from Virginia in matching Al up with her passion anyway. 

It wouldn’t be Fear the Walking Dead if a character didn’t have an ulterior motive that was completely against the greater good. In her case, Al has found a walky talky with the frequency locked in to her crush Isabelle.

fear the walking dead - alaska review - al and dwight

Not that Al is alone in this department with this crew, but Dwight is an ideal companion for that kind of agenda since he would drop these guys in a hurry if Sherry came back around. Of course, Dwight’s just happy to be around people that don’t look at him like a sell out.

To help pass the time from their morbid gig, Al and Dwight have made a game where they’re collecting IDs. All that’s left now is Hawaii and Alaska. Of all the walkers in the various shows, the formaldehyde preserved ones at the funeral home might have been some of the creepiest. 


Their findings take them to a building, maybe not the same one from the season premiere, that also has the spray painted message ‘The End is The Beginning.’ In this case it’s an office building full of people that got the bubonic plague thanks to rats. To paraphrase the great philosopher Indiana Jones “why did it have to be rats?”

There’s no antibiotics to help them and Al could care less about Nora (Devyn Tyler) and her co-workers since Isabella is heading to the rooftop to drop off supplies. 

fear the walking dead - alaska review - nora

Just to cement Al’s trash nature in this episode, she barricades the surviving office workers up so they don’t get in her way and infect her from her romantic reunion. This was not cool. Along the way, they stumble into a vent full of rats. The worst! Dwight probably gets infected here, but tells Al there’s no way he would have started showing signs that quickly. Still, that’s mighty convenient…

I really hate the obsessive nature of the characters on this show. They get fixated on something and don’t care about what gets dismantled, wrecked so long as they get to their goal. Madison constantly did this, so did Nick and now Morgan and Al have picked up the baton. 

Al heads to the roof and decides to warn Isabella about the plague. It’s hard to tell if Isabelle recognizes the voice on the other end, but she does tell Al there’s some supplies on the rooftop. This would have been ideal intel for the office workers as there’s some antibiotics in the crate along with the beer.  See Al, being selfish worked out for everybody!   

A passerby walking up to the office building calls in and Dwight immediately recognizes it and runs outside to find Sherry. Hey, at least someone gets a happy ending…for now.

fear the walking dead - alaska review - sherry and dwight

I was expecting some sort of connection with the Morgan flashback as he’s still recovering and working on his Django Unchained cosplay. So far he’s up to fashioning his bo-axe and working up the nerve to hold Baby Morgan. But that glimpse was all we got this episode, which was so odd. Was Morgan’s journey to Daniel so important that we need to see all those steps every episode?

Alaska showed that good things can happen to good people despite the best efforts of other characters to screw them over. Next episode the focus shifts over to one of my favorite characters in this FTWD world with John so hopefully we can have a chill one without any craziness.  

Rating: 8 out of 10

Photo Credit: AMC