WandaVision Episode 2 review

We’re still going spoiler free with the second episode of WandaVision. I definitely caught the Bewitched vibe with the first episode, but episode two goes even further with an animated opening in the style of the classic show.

There’s a subtle shift to the 1960s style of TV with this episode with more of a traditional old school sitcom feel as Wanda and Agnes try to get in good with neighborhood Queen Bee Dottie (Emma Caulfield Ford).

Wanda also befriends another neighbor Geraldine (Teyonah Parris, If Beale Street Could Talk) as this episode provides a splash of color in more ways than one.

When the news came out that the series would be more of a sitcom instead of a traditional MCU experience, this seemed like a risky move but it’s already paying off better than expected. I’m loving the random moments that shake up the fabric of this sitcom world that just as quickly get ignored. It really drives home that sense that not everything is as it appears. 

While we’re waiting on more clues and answers, we can just sit back and enjoy the unexpectedly brilliant comedic elements. Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany continue to do amazing work in the series. This episode, Bettany gets to show his sillier side as Vision has a mishap after hanging with the neighborhood watch.


I love that the show cares less about historical accuracy and features a diverse cast. This is a world with witches and androids. There’s no reason a sitcom world needs to be true to that era. 

One of WandaVision’s biggest strengths so far is each episode is revealing just enough. Clearly these Avengers didn’t stumble onto some sitcom world by accident, but the mystery of how they got there is already a gripping hook. Especially as it seems like there’s more than one suspect behind everything. At this point, the pacing is an asset as was the around 30-minute episode format.

An hour of this setup could grow tiresome, but in this quick hit small dose, it’s effective and doesn’t overstay its welcome. And it doesn’t create this impatience in wanting to get to the payoff too soon. Onto the next episode. 

Rating: 8.5 out of 10

Photo Credit: Disney+