AEW Unrivaled Hangman Adam Page figure review

Hangman Adam Page was one of those ROH prospects who seemed destined for greatness. When he got recruited to join Bullet Club his star soared further and when he departed ROH/New Japan to form The Elite in AEW, it seemed a matter of time before he became an even bigger star that had no need to go to the WWE to get famous. Or get a quality action figure.

Fortunately, Wicked Cool Toys and Jazwares didn’t have fans waiting too long to get a figure as he made the cut for the second wave of the AEW Unrivaled line. Let’s see if this figure is ready to ride or is some cowboy s**t.

Packaging:  This was the remaining Hangman on the pegs so I didn’t care that it looks like it took a Buckshot Lariat of its own.

I love the gold foil and how it contrasts with the black base color, but WCT/Jazwares should do more like including a bio and stats. There’s very little incentive for a bio card fan like me to keep them.

Likeness:  It’s really hard to make a gritted teeth expression work as it’s such an extreme expression that it lacks the versatility of a neutral head sculpt.

aew unrivaled hangman adam page figure review - walking to the ring

That said, the likeness to Hangman is excellent. This is clearly Hangman Page and the sculptors did a great job with the flow of the hair, the closeness of his eyebrows and his crisply lined up beard.

Hangman is one of the more popular members on the AEW roster and he’s already changed up his look so it’s just a matter of time before WCT/Jazwares makes another figure. And if the Wave 3 Young Bucks are any indication, he’ll have a new head sculpt.

The base for Hangman is solid as he has a thick torso that has some definition without being shredded.  I appreciate the more realistic bodies as opposed to the idealized ones we get a lot from the WWE Elite line from Mattel.

He does have one massive issue and that’s his oversized feet, which look like they would fit better with The Big Show. That’s an weird oversight with the quality control and the kind of thing you don’t want to see from a new line its second wave in.

aew unrivaled hangman adam page figure review - scale with mjf, chris jericho, kenny omega and cody

Scale:  Page is 6’, putting him taller than both Young Bucks (Nick at 5’11” and Matt at 5’10”) and the same size as his former tag team partner Kenny Omega. He should be looking up slightly at his fellow Elite member, the 6’1” Cody.

aew unrivaled hangman adam page figure review - facing mjf, chris jericho, kenny omega and cody


Paint:  No death pale skin tone this wave. That was addressed and corrected now. Page’s beard is a bit glossy and his hair is an odd hybrid of mustard and brown. I’m not sure why dirty blonde is such a hard color for companies to get just right.

The rest of his outfit is pretty simple with trim at the top of the tights. Mine is slightly misaligned as it loops around in the front. The H on both boots turned out just fine.

aew unrivaled hangman adam page figure review - face off with chris jericho

Articulation:  As all of the AEW Unrivaled figures, Hangman greatly benefits from the enhanced articulation scheme that allows him to pull off all of his moves with ease.

aew unrivaled hangman adam page figure review - top rope clothesline to chris jericho

aew unrivaled hangman adam page figure review - plancha onto jericho


So you can fire away with Buckshot Lariats and shooting star presses.

aew unrivaled hangman adam page figure review - shooting star press on outside to jericho

Hangman Adam Page has:

  • neck
  • bicep
  • ball-jointed shoulders
  • elbows (double-jointed)
  • wrists
  • wrist hinge
  • torso
  • waist
  • hips
  • thighs
  • knees (double-jointed)
  • ankles

aew unrivaled hangman adam page figure review - forearm smash to mjf

aew unrivaled hangman adam page figure review - air raid crash to mjf

Accessories:  Hangman comes with his essential accessories — a scarf and ring vest — and also comes with his lasso to drape over his shoulders.


The lasso is OK, but it probably would have looked much better as a soft good piece so he could hold it in his hands.

His final accessory is a Bullet Club gun hand. You can never have enough of these for the former BC members. Again, this is the main category that’s separating the Unrivaled figures from Mattel’s Elite line.

We get the bare minimum with the Unrivaled line while Mattel is adding in useful and at times unexpected bonuses like extra heads, numerous alternate hands and the occasional prop/weapon.

aew unrivaled hangman adam page figure review - storming the ring

Worth it?  I nabbed Hangman for $20. It’s an OK price considering what Mattel offers and how much $20 gets you with the standard Marvel Legends figure from Hasbro. More accessories would make these a better deal.

Rating: 9 out of 10

A different head sculpt would make all the difference here as Hangman is more laid back than the fired up Stan Hansen style cowboy. And better accessories would also help Page like the rest of the line.

aew unrivaled hangman adam page figure review - overhead throw on mjf

Where to get it?  Walmart is the only game in town for these figures. That’s not ideal since their restocking hasn’t been great. Wave 3 is already starting to show up so you may want to hunt faster than normal to avoid missing out on him. You might get lucky and track him down with an open order and store pickup.