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AEW Unrivaled Wave 4 announced

It’s going to be a big week of wrestling figure news with announcements lined up for AEW and WWE figure lineups. Today, we got the lineup for the highly anticipated AEW Unrivaled Wave 4.

aew unrivaled wave 4 sammy guevara figure prototype

  • Sammy Guevara
  • Santana
  • Ortiz
  • Kenny Omega
  • Cody
  • Matt Hardy

Unrivaled Wave 4 is a pretty solid lineup. We know this will include Cody and Omega that won’t look washed out as if they’ve never seen the sun.

Unfortunately Unrivaled Wave 4 probably marks the debut of Cody’s goofy neck tattoo. Clearly we can’t have nice things. I wonder if it’ll be too hard to remove with acetone without messing up the rest of the figure?


It’s a little surprising to see a Matt Hardy figure coming so soon. Guess he got fast tracked since he’s one of AEW’s bigger names? I would have preferred to get a Jake Hager figure to complete the original Inner Circle. Or Wardlow to pair with the recently released MJF.

Wicked Cool Toys looks like they’ll be playing a balancing act with constantly refreshing Unrivaled Waves with the big names and the newer AEW stars.

Brian Cage, Wardlow, Jurassic Express and Scorpio Sky are high on my list of figures that should get knocked out over the next two waves. Who would you like to see make the cut?

At least the line is starting to get easier to find at Walmart and with Target getting them now it shouldn’t be impossible to track the figures down in stores.

Photo Credit: AEW