DC Comics reviews 1/19/21 – Future State The Next Batman #2, DCeased Dead Planet #7

Legion of Super Heroes #12

legion of super heroes #12

One of my frequent complaints about Brian Michael Bendis is his reluctance to actually detail action scenes.

That’s not the case with this issue as Bendis dutifully breaks down the fight against Rogol Zaar and Mordru as it happens without resorting to his typical flashback method. This introduces a new problem as Bendis struggles to avoid making the fight with this massive a cast too chaotic.

Bendis frequently skips to another pair of Legionnaires as the fight plays out with his usual flippant tone, negating much of the suspense during the action. If the Legion don’t take the threat seriously and engage in witty, Spider-Man quippy dialogue it’s hard to buy into Bendis’ favorite villain and Mordru. This doesn’t instill a ton of confidence for Bendis handling the Justice League in the upcoming months.

And Bendis having General Zod utter “muh grand babies” is super cringe material.

Ryan Sook and Wade Vin Grawbadger aren’t always on the same page with Bendis’ script as character expressions don’t truly match the moment. Too often the art is a little soft and fails to properly convey the intensity of the moment.

DC hasn’t announced any future plans for Legion following the Future State issues so it’s highly possible this is another Bendis title, like Young Justice, Superman and Action Comics, where he came in with grandiose ideas that ultimately don’t lead to much besides leaving a huge mess for the creative team that follows him.

The failure of this Legion run is further pronounced as Bendis’ arrival on the title seemed to force a last-minute rewrite with Geoff Johns’ payoff to that arc in Doomsday Clock.

If this truly is the end of this era of the Legion it’s a mercy killing as this book never managed to gain much traction beyond Bendis’ fascination with his aged-up Jonathan Kent.

Rating: 3 out of 10

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