DC Comics reviews 1/19/21 – Future State The Next Batman #2, DCeased Dead Planet #7

Rorschach #4


This issue finds the detective meeting with a circus strongman, who’d been led to believe by The Kid that he was the spirit of Rorschach.

Tom King has fared smoothly in this series so far as he outlined early on that this is a murder mystery. The slower pacing and meticulous investigation makes sense here.

The strongman details his early encounter with The Kid and their bond over comic books. King paints the strongman as an easily manipulated and influenced outcast that needed a friend. Instead, he got attached to a psychopath convinced the planet was secretly being invaded by squids.

Rorschach really feels like a comic book of the moment as he delves in to how one radical can infect so many others like a virus that ultimately is responsible for the death of countless victims.

Artist Jorge Fornes has such a smooth flow with his layouts and panel arrangements. It’s an incredibly easy book to follow with ideal perspective placement and an urgency to the action scenes. Fornes also uses discretion in terms of how much violence to show and what’s more effective occurring just off panel. Dave Stewart’s colors unite the late 80s color palette.

So far King has kept Rorschach engaging. It might not be the ideal read for those seeking a quick resolution, but this is an effective investigation story with new layers being peeled back each issue.

Rating: 8 out of 10

Photo Credit: DC Comics

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