DC Comics reviews 1/19/21 – Future State The Next Batman #2, DCeased Dead Planet #7

Future State Catwoman #1

future state catwoman #1

Catwoman’s Future State adventure is one of the better installments of the mini-event as it doesn’t so much mark a drastic departure for Selina Kyle, but embraces her full potential.

Writer Ram V positions Selina Kyle as a charismatic leader in Gotham’s vigilante underground. She’s not affiliated with the Bat Family, but waging her own private war against The Magistrate and her numbers are growing.

Ram V adds a touch of Snowpiercer fun as Catwoman tries to spring some valuable prisoners en route to getting permanently lost in the system. Ram V gives Catwoman a souped-up suit with some nice hi-tech advantages as well as a surprise ally within The Magistrate.

Otto Schmidt hasn’t been too prominent in DC titles since Green Arrow so it was a thrill seeing his artwork again. Schmidt is a nice fit for Catwoman and would make for a worthy alternate artist when regular artist Fernando Blanco needs a break. Schmidt uses smooth line work and dynamic framing to keep that constant state of movement and mood.

This is an ideal setup for the shorter story format of Future State and Ram V didn’t need to spend so much time on info dumps trying to catch readers up with the new status quo. Along with Schmidt’s fantastic artwork this is one of the stronger Future State stories three weeks in.

Rating: 9.5 out of 10

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