DC Comics reviews 1/19/21 – Future State The Next Batman #2, DCeased Dead Planet #7

Future State Superman: Our Worlds at War #1

future state superman worlds at war #1

Philip Kennedy Johnson begins his run on Superman with this Future State storyline with Earth presuming he’s dead. The story opens with people reflecting on Superman’s legacy and if he’s really dead.

Johnson quickly shows a better idea of who Superman is at the core compared to some recent writers. It’s important for DC maybe now more than ever to have writers who get Superman writing the title and showing the various ways he can inspire others. Just from this opening chapter, Johnson seems like one of those writers.

We don’t actually get much dialogue from Superman in this issue as he’s a captive on Warworld fighting as a gladiator. This would typically feel like a bit of a bait and switch but Johnson does such a great job of establishing Superman as a character even from a distance that I’m encouraged to read his present day stories.

Mikel Janin teams with Johnson to handle the art. There’s few better artists capable of bringing out the humanity in their characters as smoothly as Janin. Janin is able to make the average people look important in his pages, which makes his heroes appear even larger than life.

Jordie Bellaire is one of my favorite colorists and her work seems that much more impressive when collaborating with Janin as she helps bring that organic feel to the world.

In somewhat of a surprise, the Mister Miracle story from Superman of Metropolis is continued here. Writer Brandon Easton has an engaging hook that makes Shiloh more like Tony Stark than Scott Free with the use of the advanced technology, but it works in this case.

Valentine De Landro’s art works beautifully as well and I’m kinda disappointed this creative team isn’t doing anything with Mister Miracle post Future State.

Two more stories, featuring Midnighter and Black Racer, wrap up the issue. Becky Cloonan and Michael W. Conrad craft a solid Midnighter story, but Gleb Melinkov’s art style is a little too loose for the character. Jeremy Adams and artist Siya Oum take a little too much time setting the stage to make the Black Racer story feel like more than the fourth story in the comic.

Johnson’s first crack at Superman is impressive and the Mister Miracle story is well worth the extra price tag alone makes this an easy recommendation.

Rating: 9.5 out of 10

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