Vote now for the next Mattel Ultimate Edition Hulk Hogan figure

Mattel is putting the power in your hands to decide on the next Ultimate Edition Hulk Hogan figure.

Here’s the options: WrestleMania 9, the first WCW Nitro or WCW Uncensored 1996.

These are some odd choices. I’d think Mattel would have added a 1989–1991 version, which is the biggest gap in the Hogan collection right now.

Collectors are just now finding the nWo Ultimate Edition Hollywood Hogan.

Clearly Mattel wanted to go with the skinnier, steroid-free version of Hogan.

A WCW Ultimate Edition Hulk is alright although given how Mattel’s plans got Hogan figures changed once before it’s weird they opted to do more random looks instead of definitive takes on the character.


Which version of this era of Ultimate Edition Hulk Hogan are you planning to vote for?

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