New WWE reveals: WWE Elite 84, WWE Legends 10

Mattel revealed a slew of its upcoming figures from its WWE line including WWE Elite 84, Championship Showdown and Legends Series 10. Check them out now.

WWE Championship Showdown

Daniel Bryan vs. The Fiend

wwe championship showdown daniel bryan vs the fiend - close up

The Giant vs. Ric Flair – I’m definitely grabbing this one for the improved Giant head sculpt and the long overdue Monday Night Wars era Flair head sculpt.

wwe championship showdown the giant vs ric flair -close up

Edge vs. Kane – Mattel’s puzzling ability to get Edge’s classic head sculpt right continues. The most recent older Edge is easily his best, but for some reason Mattel consistently struggles getting the definitive head sculpt down.

wwe championship showdown kane vs edge - main

WWE Elite 84

No flashback legends in this set, but it’s got some useful characters that have needed updates or receive their first Elite figure. I definitely need the Big Chief version of Roman Reigns and to finally get a Sheamus for my collection. I’ve included the links from Entertainment Earth.

Angel Garza – with tearaway pants

wwe elite 84 angel garza - close up

Jeff Hardy

wwe elite 84 jeff hardy - main pic

Jeff Hardy chase — This one doesn’t feature the full back tattoo if that matters to you.

wwe elite 84 jeff hardy - close up chase


wwe elite 84 murphy -main pic

Rhea Ripley

wwe elite 84 rhea ripley -main

Roman Reigns

wwe elite 84 roman reigns - big chief


wwe elite 84 sheamus -main

Zelina Vega (Target exclusive)

wwe elite 84 zelina vega - target exclusive -main pic

You can pre-order the case from Entertainment Earth now.


WWE Legends 10

This line remains a Target exclusive and while most of the rumored lineup was correct, a Ruthless Aggression kick off John Cena replaces Hulk Hogan.

Big Van Vader – This is a cool vintage choice for Vader. Now we just need a Z-Man for him to squash.

wwe legends 10 big van vader - main pic

Brutus Beefcake – The Beefcake figure also has a chase that is a bit cooler thanks to the various colors.

wwe legends 10 brutus beefcake -main

Diamond Dallas Page – WWF motivational speaker version one was definitely a choice. I’m still waiting on the jeans and rib taped version.

wwe legends 10 ddp -main pic

John Cena

wwe legends 10 john cena - main pic

Masters of the Universe

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