WWE Elite #76 Christian figure review

The Brood was one of those cool factions in the WWF you knew wasn’t going to last long. It featured the trio of Gangrel, his former rival Edge and the unifying factor that united them Christian. Gangrel seems like he’s going to be a long shot at this point, but we’ve got 2/3 of the group. Now if we could only get their flaming entrance too.

Packaging:  Starting with Series 75, the reds and whites have swapped on the package so now it’s a bit more red than white.

The portrait along the sides make for a nice reference of Christian’s initial look in the WWF. The bio is short, but it’s decent enough.

Likeness: I love the headsculpt as it captures the serious intensity of Brood Christian, which was much different than the goofy E&C era version. The hair sculpt flows nicely and the gap for the sunglasses isn’t as obnoxious as it is on some other figures (i.e. Sasha Banks).

wwe elite brood christian figure review -outfit close up

Instead of going with a cloth shirt, Mattel went with a plastic one to better capture the collar and pattern along the front. That’s probably the smarter idea especially since the molded shirt allows for the flowing sleeves and dramatically flared cuffs.

Christian wore a necklace, but it was more of a cross or a bullet-size pendant. I couldn’t find a reference with him sporting a medal-like necklace.

wwe elite brood christian figure review - standing with the ministry of darkness undertaker

Scale: Christian is 6’1″ the same height as Jeff Hardy, and just a bit shorter than his brother Matt at 6’2″. He’ll be looking up to his TV brother the 6’5″ Edge and Ministry of Darkness leader the 6’10” Undertaker.

Paint: Christian wore a pretty simple outfit with only a logo on either side of his pants. This is light work for Mattel and it would have been a bigger shock if they’d botched the logo.

The big win here is Mattel has finally mastered purple. For whatever reason this was a color that gave them fits for years. Christian sports a dark, rich purple that accurately has black streaks through his pants. Now if only Mattel would go back and re-release their Defining Moments Razor Ramon in this shade of purple.

Christian also has a variant with a black shirt and gold pants. That’s a good variant choice, but I’m glad I got this one.


wwe elite brood christian figure review - powerbomb to x-pac

Articulation: Christian has a unique move set and even during The Brood phase he was busting out some fun moves. The shirt restricts some of his torso movement, but otherwise you’re getting the same solid articulation as any other Elite figure.

Naturally, his hair restricts some of the up/down and left/right movement. So sleeper holds won’t look great on him either and making a decent looking Unprettier.

wwe elite brood christian figure review -unprettier to x-pac

Christian has:

  • neck
  • bicep
  • ball-jointed shoulders
  • elbows
  • wrists
  • wrist hinge
  • waist
  • hips
  • thighs
  • knees (double-jointed)
  • ankles

wwe elite brood christian figure review - chop to kane

wwe elite brood christian figure review - elbow drop to kane

Accessories:  Christian doesn’t have a bunch of accessories, but has the sensible ones for him at this stage in his career. First up are his sunglasses.

wwe elite brood christian figure review - with sunglasses and goblet

They’re clearly not the circular versions Christian actually wore and just seem like the standard sunglasses that come with anyone. They plug in to the slots of hair easily enough.

Next up is the goblet that would be filled with “that strange red substance.” It has some detail to it was a dragon at the base.

wwe elite brood christian figure review - beating down viscera with edge

Finally, he’s got a pair of fists for when the match gets intense and he just needs to slug away.

Worth it?  I was able to get Christian for $16 – a great price for Elite figures.

Rating: 9 out of 10

This is a really strong Brood era version of Christian and the only thing missing is better torso articulation and range from the elbows. Otherwise it’s a great addition to the early Attitude Era.

wwe elite brood christian figure review - moody brood with edge

Where to get it?  Going the Amazon route is probably the best option at this point.