Check out AEW Unrivaled Wave 4 images

AEW Unrivaled Wave 4 has been revealed and it’s probably the best lineup in terms of figure execution and character selection. This bodes well as Wicked Cool Toys continues rolling out the roster.

Unrivaled Wave 4 consists of Cody Rhodes, Sammy Guevara, Santana & Ortiz, Kenny Omega and Matt Hardy.

And hey, I get one more Cody Rhodes figure before he gets that stupid neck tattoo. This expression is more fitting for him and there seems to be a significant upgrade in the likeness especially after the less than stellar Wave 3.

aew unrivaled wave 4 -cody rhodes - with new shirt

Here’s the Cody chase with the tattoo.

aew unrivaled wave 4 -cody rhodes - chase with new shirt

Kenny Omega’s third figure also sports a better likeness with blonde highlights this time. I’m not sure if I’d call it the definitive Omega head sculpt yet, but I appreciate WCT quickly using different head sculpts instead of using the same one with multiple figures.

aew unrivaled wave 4 -kenny omega - aiming

While I got the Woken Matt Hardy from Mattel’s WWE Elite line, this one looks pretty good as well and Guevara in the wave that’s a smart matchup pairing.


aew unrivaled wave 4 -matt hardy

Matt Hardy also has a chase in this wave as well.

aew unrivaled wave 4 -matt hardy chase

Pride and Powerful turned out really nice, but it reiterates the puzzling choice to not include Jake Hager in this wave as well to finish off The Inner Circle. Unless Hager is coming with an updated Chris Jericho?

aew unrivaled wave 4 -santana

What do you think of AEW Unrivaled Wave 4?

aew unrivaled wave 4 - ortiz

Photo Credit: Jeremy Padawar Twitter