Image Comics reviews 1/27/21 – Department of Truth #5, Post Americana #2

January is almost over, but we get one more week of Image Comics releases. This month wraps with another installment of the always eventful Department of Truth and a crazy second issue of Post Americana. Check out the reviews now.

Post Americana #2


Post Americana is a wild book. Writer/artist Steve Skroce has come up with an inspired dystopian future with a violent and seriously bloody battle between the haves, have-nots and the deplorables.

Carolyn and Mike are caught in a cannibal carnivale — no, really — and their only means of escape are fighting off a Conan the Barbarian reject with a chain of severed heads and Carolyn’s cybernetic prosthetics. It is a wild story and Skroce’s dynamic artwork help sell the carnage and extreme brutality.

The story is OK so far although Skroce seems to be content with working as many f-bombs into the script as possible. Mike and Carolyn’s odd couple dynamic is still a work in progress as Skroce is mainly focused on showcasing their differences. For now the art combined with Dave Stewart’s rich colors is compensating for the overly simplistic script but eventually the shock and awe of encountering crazy characters and scenarios is going to run thin and it will be up to the characters to sustain the title.

Rating: 8 out of 10


The Department of Truth #5


The Department of Truth has always been decidedly out there in terms of its departure from the typical comic book norm.

Writer James Tynion IV is establishing a title where it makes a lot of sense not to blindly trust everything and question even more.

This issue finds Ruby tracking down a lead into a Black Hat base and Cole getting a unique recruiting pitch to join the bad guys. The big question for Cole now is deciding which side is actually the good guys.

Tynion packs a lot of unnerving paranoia in a short amount of space and Cole’s rattled mindset is likely to mirror that of readers.

Artist Martin Simmonds creates some impressively chaotic panels with silhouettes and symbolism that it requires a patient exploration to decipher everything on the pages. It’s stirring and unlike anything else visually in any comic right now.

The Department of Truth keeps raising the stakes of the crazy and unpredictable. While the cliffhanger isn’t as strong as earlier issues the book definitely sets readers up for another wild ride next issue.

Rating: 9.5 out of 10

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Photo Credit: Image Comics