WandaVision Ep. 5 review

Over the last two episodes, WandaVision has gone from a curious anomaly in the Marvel Cinematic Universe to one of the most important stories that’s been told across the MCU.

The series is starting to feel very special and that’s not just because of the possibilities introduced with that last minute cameo and more the deconstruction of the unflappable, unbeatable superhero. From a loftier standpoint, WandaVision is the first MCU property to really tackle mental health and how it can even affect a superhero.

This episode is set in the 80s and it’s got all the hallmarks of that era in TV from the photo montages of the cast members, the big hair, wardrobe and even the adorably cute toddler twins Billy and Tommy. Beneath the surface, Vision is starting to see through Wanda’s mass illusion. Also, super shot out to the hair department for giving 80s Vision the Johnny Storm haircut. It’s the little things…

wandavision ep. 5 - agnes

The first occurs when Agnes asks Wanda if she should take a scene from the top when Vizh “forgets” his cue. The tiny toddlers instantly accelerate their age so they can be 10. 

Now that the secret has been outed, we get to see more of the beyond Westview landscape as Monica reports of a sense of hopeless feeling of grief. There’s a throwaway line about her lab readings turning up blank as well as a nice reference to Monica’s other comic book alias of Photon. 

Monica doesn’t think Wanda is acting like a terrorist so Heyward shows security footage of Wanda coming into SWORD HQ and retrieving the Vision’s corpse.

For comic book fans, this is a scene right out of the West Coast Avengers’ Vision Quest storyline minus Wonder Man, Tigra and Hawkeye. It was entirely appropriate and fitting that Darcy comes up with the hex nickname, the actual phrase in the comics for Wanda’s powers.

wandavision ep. 5 -darcy, jimmy and sword

But, how did she resurrect him? Vision questions what Wanda isn’t telling him, but she sends him off to work for a distraction.  That plan backfires as SWORD sends a message prompting Vizh to block Wanda’s control over Norm, who begs him to help stop her.

Monica wants to get back in Westview, which prompts a discussion on Wanda’s power level as she says Wanda was the only one who could stop Thanos singlehandedly.  Jimmy argues that Captain Marvel could have as well. Monica’s bristling at the mention of Captain Marvel works on both the level of missing her childhood aunt that never returned and for the 80s fan base that considers Monica the Avengers’ Captain Marvel.


Wanda’s message on family being forever doesn’t exactly help Tommy and Billy as it makes her think of her own far away brother. SWORD’s attempt to contact Wanda goes badly as she emerges from Westview, with their drone in hand — and in full Avengers attire — threatening them not to bother her again. 

Heyward wants to strike a deal, but Wanda coldly replies “I have what I want and no one will ever take it away from me again.” This is followed by a commercial for Lagos brand paper towel — when you make a mess you didn’t mean to. That sums up Wanda’s unintended mistake that cost hundreds of lives, split the Avengers, left Vision vulnerable to Thanos and the destruction of the world. That’s a lot of guilt to carry.

wandavision ep. 5 -monica

Even in her own perfectly controlled TV land some things are out of Wanda’s control as the new family dog dies. Tommy and Billy are confused and want Wanda to just fix it — specifically fix dead.

All of a sudden WandaVision became super heavy in a great way. Again, Wanda fails at helping them through their grief mainly because she’s struggling so mightily to control her own.

At home, Vizh refuses to be gaslighted any longer by Wanda demanding answers and talking straight through the credits. It’s interesting watching WandaVision break the walls of its own TV universe. Vision can’t remember anything before Westview as Wanda has effectively reset him so he has no memory of his time with the Avengers, Ultron or Thanos. He won’t back down and Wanda seems close to breaking when the doorbell rings. 

wandavision ep. 5 -wanda and vision argue

And it’s Pietro…

But not that Pietro. Darcy is incredulous that Wanda recast Pietro but it’s not a total recast as it’s indeed Pietro…just from the X-Men Universe?!?? 

We all wondered how the X-Men could emerge in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and at least in one instance we’re now seeing how that is a reality. This is some next level TV experience right now as WandaVision is completely reshaping expectations for what’s possible in the MCU. One thing that’s for certain is it’s going to be a very long wait for next Friday’s episode.

Rating: 10 out of 10

Photo Credit: Disney+