WWE Elite #75 Pete Dunne figure review

Pete Dunne has become one of my favorite members of the NXT roster. I dig his style and attitude. He’s been sidelined lately due to the pandemic, but I was thrilled to finally get him after passing on his earlier Elite figure.

Packaging:  This is the newer package setup with sweeping red, black and white color scheme and two different portraits along the sides. The bio setup is also strong with stats and a summary of this attire choice for Dunne.

Likeness:  Dunne’s headsculpt is excellent. The expression fits for him and Mattel did a great job with Dunne’s flowing hair over his right shoulder. Part choice is smart as well with the wider torso and his kneepads are fine.

wwe elite 75 pete dunne figure review - wide shot

Scale:  Dunne is a shorter guy on the roster at 5’10”. That has him looking up at the 6’ Adam Cole and Kyle O’Reilly. He should also be shorter than his Broserweights partner, the 6’2” Matt Riddle.

wwe elite 75 pete dunne figure review - facing kyle o'reilly, bobby fish and riccochet

Pay no attention to the ridiculously out of scale Ricochet, who I just included to make fun of his Jakks-like scaling.

wwe elite 75 pete dunne figure review - scale with kyle o'reilly, bobby fish and riccochet


Paint:  The first Dunne Elite figure featured him in red and this one goes with another Mattel color preference with black. The gold on the sides is clean. Mattel did a nice job on his hair color. His right leg tattoo looks solid as well. Besides mismatched torsos and arms skin tones, Mattel is normally excellent with paint jobs.

Of course poor Pete suffers from one of those silly painted skin tone torsos. These never look great and it’s a matter of how bad it looks. I definitely have worse and the lights make it look worse than it does in person, but it’s something Mattel needs to improve on whether from painting the black singlet or matching the skin tone better.

I love the work on his knee tattoo, which came out sharp and reminds me that Dunne must have a high threshold for pain to get a tattoo on his knee.

wwe elite 75 pete dunne figure review - enzugiri to adam cole

Articulation:  Dunne is one of the major NXT technicians so the open hands are very useful for his joint manipulation and submission moves. This body allows for easy movement and positioning for Dunne’s move set.

wwe elite 75 pete dunne figure review - triangle choke on riccochet

wwe elite 75 pete dunne figure review - smashing riccochet's hands

Pete Dunne has:

  • neck
  • bicep
  • ball-jointed shoulders
  • elbows
  • wrists
  • wrist hinge
  • waist
  • hips
  • thighs
  • knees (double-jointed)
  • ankles

wwe elite 75 pete dunne figure review - stomping bobby fish's elbow

wwe elite 75 pete dunne figure review - arm breaker on kyle o'reilly

Accessories:  Dunne comes with the NXT UK championship, which is a very nicely done title.

wwe elite 75 pete dunne figure review - accessories in tray

And it certainly is better looking than some of the other modern titles.

Dunne also has a pair of swappable fists and his vest. I don’t mind when the vests are plastic as they’re easy to put on and off. I can also see his not looking as good in cloth. The logo on the back came out very crisp as well.

Worth it?  Dunne is a solid figure for $20. He’s a good value at this price although he is one that is hard to actually track down at that price.

Rating: 9.5 out of 10

Pete Dunne is one of my favorite members on the NXT roster and Mattel did a very nice job with this one with the exception of the painted torso. That’s not enough to skip out on this one though.


wwe elite 75 pete dunne figure review - with vest and nxt uk title

Where to get it?  Elite 75 like most Elite lines at this point impossible to find at retail. You may have easier luck just getting Pete Dunne from Amazon.