Lyles Movie Files Podcast Ep. 182 – Thor 4, WandaVision, Titans

Our minds are continually being blown by WandaVision. In Ep. 182, we talk about what we want to see playing out the rest of the season and what cameo would completely shake up our thoughts on the potential future for the series and the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

We also discuss the upcoming plans for Thor: Love and Thunder and the role of the Guardians of the Galaxy.

Disney+ is doing a Black Panther Worlds of Wakanda spin-off and we discuss what that could mean for the MCU.


Cathy Yan had some issues with Warner Bros’ handling of Harley Quinn and the Birds of Prey. We question if she has a valid complaint or if there’s just an overall editing problem with DC’s live action films. And yeah we even bring back the Richard Donner cut of Superman II

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Photo Credit: Disney and Warner Bros.