Mattel reveals WWE Elite 85, Ultimate Edition Edge, Macho Man

Mattel made a slew of reveals today, part of its now monthly updates, with some final images of WWE Ultimate Edition 8, WWE Elite 85 and more.

Of this set, I was most looking forward to seeing Elite 85 Kama, the Ultimate Edition Macho Man Randy Savage and as usual, there were a few nice surprises.

Basic 118

Austin Theory

wwe basic 118 - austin theory -main

Theory also has a chase this series.

Finn Balor

wwe basic 118 - finn balor -main

Jeff Hardy

wwe basic 118 jeff hardy- main


wwe basic 118 -erik - main


wwe basic 118 -ivar -main

wwe basic 118 - full wave


WWE Elite 85

There’s a bit of a breakthrough with this series as it’s the first to introduce double-jointed elbows(!). Yes, this is a HUGE deal as it will greatly enhance posing and the ability to convincingly pull off moves.

Aliester Black

wwe elite 85 aleister black -main

Black has the chase this set, but it’s not that easy to spot the difference — check the knee pad.

wwe elite 85 aleister black -chase

Becky Lynch

wwe elite 85 becky lynch -main

Bray Wyatt

wwe elite 85 bray wyatt -main

Kama (Walmart exclusive)

wwe elite 85 kama -main

Karrion Kross

wwe elite 85 karrion kross -main

Liv Morgan

wwe elite 85 liv morgan -main

I don’t think Morgan has had a bad figure yet. I’m not the biggest Liv fan, but this figure looks so amazing I’ve gotta get it.

Ultimate Edition Series 8


wwe ultimate edition 8 edge - main

Macho Man Randy Savage

wwe ultimate edition 8 macho man -main

WWE Two-Pack

Jeff Hardy vs. Triple H

wwe two pack triple h vs. jeff hardy -front

This is from the somewhat famous Smackdown match that showed Jeff could be a solo star just as easily as a tag team specialist. I like the accessory allotment as well.

Fan TakeOver Series 2

wwe fan takeover series 2 full set

The cool thing is this series has now moved from a Walmart exclusive to an Amazon exclusive meaning we should actually be able to get the figures now outside of dumb luck.


wwe fan takeover series 2 christian -main

Johnny Gargano

wwe fan takeover series 2 johnny gargano -main pic

Mattel fixed the boot issue to some degree, which is appreciated. Naturally I’m a fan of the Wolverine attire.

Randy Orton

wwe fan takeover series 2 randy orton -main pic


wwe fan takeover series 2 x-pac -main

I’m thrilled there’s finally a non-tongue sticking out X-Pac

Photo Credit: Mattel