DC Comics reviews 2/9/21- Future State Dark Detective #3, Justice League #2

Future State Green Lantern #2

future state green lantern #2

John Stewart leads the surviving Corps members in a vain battle to stop an invasion without the use of their power rings. Geoffrey Thorne does an excellent job of showcasing Stewart as a master strategist fitting a soldier, but a Green Lantern story where no Lantern has a ring still feels like a major bait and switch.

Thorne does make this Flash Gordon take on John more cohesive than last issue, which needed a better primer and answer to what destroyed the power battery on Oa. It seems like many of these Future State titles are banking on readers being intrigued enough with this Jew status quo to see how everything unraveled for their favorite heroes. It doesn’t seem like a very inspiring or fun storyline to see the current day Green Lantern stories reach either.

Tom Randy’s art displays the battleground in strong fashion and pays off the invader’s leader with a majestic page.

The secondary story features Teen Lantern learning to overcome fear while being transported by Mogo. Josie Campbell has a decent handle on the character at times while in others moments makes her sound like a fully grown superhero. Andie Tong’s artwork captures the appropriate tone for Teen Lantern even when the story gets needlessly dark.

Former Green Lantern writer Robert Venditti wraps the issue with a subplot focused on Hal Jordan as he tries to learn what happened to his allies. Venditti never had a problem with Jordan’s dialogue and this story arc is pretty interesting. Dexter Soy ensures the art is also at a high quality.

It’d have been nice to see some Lantern slinging action in this book while the writers build toward a past catalyst that hasn’t played out yet. This is a risky storytelling device from DC, but it could work out in the long run. But unless you’re a major Green Lantern fan there’s not enough substance here to warrant tracking down.

Rating: 7.5 out of 10

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