DC Comics reviews 2/9/21- Future State Dark Detective #3, Justice League #2

Future State Justice League #2

future state justice league #2

Two issues isn’t enough to set up a new team, properly establish the bonds and develop a worthwhile agenda for the villains. That was the conclusion from the second and (for now) final installment of Future State Justice League.

If anything writer Joshua Williamson tried to get too ambitious with this two-parter largely based on the team’s lack of chemistry and trust highlighted by The Hyperclan’s return. Williamson was on the right track using villains that Grant Morrison and artist Howard Porter introduced to kick off their legendary JLA run.

The only hiccup is the notion that the Hyperclan fought the previous generation Justice League, who didn’t play so nice the last confrontation. As such the Hyperclan’s motives seem somewhat screwy as if there was some justification for their actions and why they’re using the old play of pretending to be heroes instead of simple conquerors.


Williamson is more successful conveying the strains of distrust among the team. I do wish he had the full Future State slate of four issues like other prominent Batman titles to fully tell this story as it ends just as it gets interesting. Robson Rocha’s art is exhilarating with firm action sequences and dramatic conversation-heavy scenes.

The secondary story wraps Ram V’s Justice League Dark arc pitting the team against Merlin. Again, this story warranted more time to properly sell the twists and turns and shocking returns. It was solid since Ram V already has the JLD shorthand down but it would have been fun seeing this new team dynamic in play before the abrupt conclusion. Marcio Takara’s art style is a great fit for JLD with his strong line work and majestic approach to the use of magic in the DCU.

The common thread for both stories is they would have benefited from more issues. This abbreviated approach leaves the door open for more stories without feeling like anything would truly be missed if the teams weren’t revisited again.

Rating: 8 out of 10

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