DC Comics reviews 2/9/21- Future State Dark Detective #3, Justice League #2

Future State Kara Zor-El Superwoman #2

future state kara zor-el superwoman #2

The second and concluding chapter of Kara’s Future State adventure had a bit more finality to it than other FS titles. Writer Marguerite Bennett, like a lot of the writers on these two-issue stories, seemed press for space to quickly introduce and wrap this new status quo.

It’s hard to set up a new era for a character, make it compelling and leave the door open for revisiting it at some later date. I don’t envy the Future State writers in tackling this big challenge.

Maybe the biggest problem with this issue is how Bennett chooses to write the events in the past tense. Readers are essentially getting a recap of a conflict that took too long to explain and resolved far too quickly. Worse, establishing this conflict means Superwoman is largely a spectator in her own story.

With only two issues, Bennett isn’t able to make Kara’s bond with her latest alien refugee, Lynari feel more like a friendship of convenience instead of something that develops smoother with more time.

Marguerite Sauvage’s art has an ethereal quality to it that gives the book more of a fantasy visual. Sauvage’s color choices are gorgeous with a watercolor flow to them.

This glimpse of a potential future for Superwoman felt like it was lacking something whether a credible threat, greater focus on the evolution of its title character or just the overall rusher flow of the story. Kara’s post Earth stories could make for engaging reads, but this mini-special doesn’t do enough to sell that potential.

Rating: 6 out of 10

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