DC Comics reviews 2/9/21- Future State Dark Detective #3, Justice League #2

Future State Robin Eternal #2

future state robin eternal #2

Robin Eternal asks the question of how would Tim Drake resurrected by the Lazarus Pit fare against a squad of Magistrates. Writer Meghan Fitzmartin can’t figure out anything unique compared to when Jason Todd or other Bat Family members took a dip in the pit.

In Tim’s case, he’s got a certain level of super strength and fighting off hallucinations. This doesn’t make for the most thrilling read and in too significant a fashion is the exact opposite of what fans would want from a Tim Drake focused story. Tim has always been the more cerebral of the Robins and watching him rely on brute force is uninspiring while the disapproving Batman hallucinations feels cliché.

Eddy Barrows’ art makes the issue more enjoyable thanks to his layouts and dynamic sense of action choreography. Adriano Lucas’ color work is stunning with some nice contrasts of the Lazarus resin and the purple and orange hued backdrops.

The cliffhanger style ending promising more adventures of Future State Robin seems misguided and another instance where just a return to the present day would be a better fit for Tim Drake.

Rating: 5 out of 10