DC Comics reviews 2/9/21- Future State Dark Detective #3, Justice League #2

Future State Teen Titans #2

future state teen titans #2

The second and final installment of Teen Titans’ Future State raises more questions than it answers. Some of those questions are teased at being answered when Teen Titans Academy kicks off in March. While some insight on what’s to come with the Teen Titans is useful, does anyone really want to see this future come about?

To writer Tim Sheridan’s credit, he does a strong job of building this future storyline with flashbacks that work more effectively than the first issue. The surviving Titans prepare to rally against the Four Horsemen including Wally West’s Famine. This wraps the storyline loop mentioned in Future State: The Flash.

Sheridan has an intriguing mix of characters on this Teen Titans team and I’m hopeful some show up sooner than later in Titans Academy. If I’ve got to choose just two I’m pulling for Jakeem Thunder and Bunker, one of the best characters to come from the New 52 version of the Titans.

Rafa Sandoval’s art is as stirring and engaging as always. Sandoval is such a gifted storyteller conveying so much emotion from his characters. His action sequences are also lively and capture that blockbuster style look popularized by Bryan Hitch.

Colorist Alejandro Sanchez uses grey tones for the flashback sequences and bold colors for the present day story.

Sheridan and Sandoval set up Teen Titans for a March return that if nothing else provides a clear direction with Teen Titans Academy. The only catch is if readers will be invested in a book where this dark and bleak future is the payoff.

Rating: 9 out of 10