DC Comics reviews 2/9/21- Future State Dark Detective #3, Justice League #2

Rorschach #5


This was that occasional Tom King issue where he doesn’t have a ton to say and basically has the characters running in place. For the most part, King has managed to avoid that with this title as he’s done some intriguing character profiles.

The detective meets with his supervisor and presidential candidate/assassination target Sen. Turley to consider who set Rorschach and Laura to kill him.

As the series reaches its midway point there haven’t been a lot of issues where it’s felt like you could completely skip it and not miss anything. That’s the case with this issue as the story doesn’t progress to any significant degree. As an investigative story the pacing is important to keep readers hooked and feel like they’re actually getting some breadcrumbs to help put the puzzle together. The highlight of the issue is a reflection from a character about their interaction with The Comedian, which seemed perfectly on brand for the anti-hero.

Jorge Fornes’ artwork is exquisitely staged. There’s a strong cinematic tone with his perspective choices and deliberately letting conversations play out without showing the characters fully on the panel. It gives the story a more dynamic feel that isn’t always warranted. Dave Stewart’s color work is superb as usual with very strong combinations from panel to panel to grab readers’ attention.

You’re not going to miss much of the story by skipping this one. Maybe as the series draws to a close this issue will feel more significant. For now, the investigation feels like it’s stalling out and walking slowly in circles.

Rating: 5 out of 10

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Photo Credit: DC Comics

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