Lyles Movie Files Podcast Ep. 183 – Whedon, Black Panther rumors

We had a big show set up with some great discussion that naturally occurred before Gina Carano’s mouth and tweets got her fired from The Mandalorian and Pedro Pascal got cast in The Last of Us series based on the video game. Despite those setbacks, we did get in on Joss ‘Trash’ Whedon again and what these latest allegations mean for Ray Fisher’s career.

And we speculate if this will finally be the final straw with Whedon’s career.

Also, we discussed the Black Panther casting rumors, Jared Leto’s Snyder Cut makeover in Justice League and the latest bombshell episode of WandaVision.


Finally, we wrap the show with our nominees for some of the best couples in movies and TV in honor of Valentine’s Day in case you need some weekend recommendations.