DC Comics reviews 2/16/21- Batman Catwoman #2, Future State Nightwing #2

Future State Immortal Wonder Woman #2

future state immortal wonder woman #2

Given Wonder Woman’s increased status in the DCU, it’s surprising how small a factor she’s been in Future State. In the final issue of Immortal Wonder Woman, Diana remembers centuries ago when Superman battled Darkseid and essentially left her and Earth alone to be consumed by the Undone. Eventually this malevolent force destroyed the Legion of Super Heroes as well.

This story is about as bleak as Future State could offer and it’s a puzzling direction writers Becky Cloonan and Michael Conrad decided to take. It’s basically a story of Wonder Woman tearing up thinking about the end of everything and reflecting on everything that’s been lost. If anything this is a massive buzzkill on the potential future of one of DC’s Trinity.

The artwork by Jen Bartel is probably too pleasant like a classic cartoon to truly fit the tone of the story, but it needed some positive regardless of fit.

The co-story features Nubia as she battles against Circe and Grail. Writer L.L. McKinney uses most of the pages to set up storylines for Nubia’s Infinite Frontier’s adventures. That’s not the worst strategy, but it becomes stuffed with so much exposition it’s hard to get excited about the prospect of reading more Nubia adventures.

Alitha Martinez’s art is inconsistent. Some pages and panels are exceptional while in others character movement seems too stiff and posed. Martinez shows plenty of promise and it’s a matter of time before these weaker areas match up to her strengths. When that happens Martinez could very well be one of DC’s top tier artists.

This Wonder Woman double header seemed a missed opportunity to showcase either Amazon whether from Diana as the last hero on Earth or Nubia establishing her path as a hero.

Rating: 5 out of 10