DC Comics reviews 2/16/21- Batman Catwoman #2, Future State Nightwing #2

Future State Nightwing #2

future state nightwing #2

A lot of the Future State Gotham titles have played out like the creative teams were happy to show how bleak the city had become with no reason for optimism. Writer Andrew Constant and artist Nicola Scott’s Nightwing has been an outlier as its serves as a reminder that the unified Bat Family can overcome even the most impossible odds.

The Magistrate has surrounded Arkham Asylum — Nightwing’s base of operations — and are set to close in for the kill. Good thing The Next Batman has arrived to lend a hand.

Constant wisely doesn’t waste any time making Jace Fox prove himself to Nightwing. While Dick Grayson is the leader of The Resistance he didn’t feel the need to take up the mantle of Batman and isn’t so possessive of the name that he has any resentment for a new Batman on the scene.

This is a different take on the Dynamic Duo, one that works very well in the Future State landscape.

Constant brings some badly needed hope for the Gotham Future State titles by showing the path Nightwing and his allies can win. While his Nightwing doesn’t quit 100 miles a minute, this version of Dick Grayson seems like a natural evolution of the current character given the conditions.

Scott’s artwork alone is worth grabbing this issue. She has such wonderful composition of her pages and the action sequences are so crisp and clean. As usual, her characters are very expressive and fully sell their emotions throughout the issue. Ivan Plaenscia’s vivid colors are a beautiful complement to the action.

This was one of the better Future State titles and as Gotham Future State continues playing out under the Infinite Frontier banner hopefully Constant and Scott will be involved to help chart Nightwing’s path.

Rating: 10 out of 10

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