DC Comics reviews 2/16/21- Batman Catwoman #2, Future State Nightwing #2

Future State Shazam #2

future state shazam #2

One of the more frustrating aspects of Future State is the puzzling decisions to start a story in one book only to wrap it in another. The second installment of Shazam shows just what Shazam is seeing and why he’s turned in his allies.

Writer Tim Sheridan revisits the Underworld Unleashed premise that Neron is another interesting arch-enemy for Shazam as his ultimate evil mirrors Billy Batson’s ultimate pure-hearted nature.

Sheridan takes some time with the reveal as Shazam’s Justice League allies tries to help him see the light. This particular Justice League squad is a very compelling collection of characters and would be one that could prove highly entertaining if given a chance in the Infinite Frontier landscape.

Eduardo Pansica has made major strides with his artwork and his pages here are tremendous. He’s got a keen sense of perspective that helps to give a dramatic take to an interrogation scene and he wisely uses two page spreads. Colorist Marcelo Maiolo puts together another captivating setup with stark reds and yellow for the sequences in Hell and cooler tones on Earth.

Sheridan crafts some interesting plot twists and some big payoffs to his setup, but it feels like a major cheat that this story won’t get resolved until Future State Black Adam. My big takeaway is DC should revisit this version of the Justice League with Sheridan and Pansica in the immediate future.

Rating: 8 out of 10