DC Comics reviews 2/16/21- Batman Catwoman #2, Future State Nightwing #2

Future State Superman Worlds of War #2

future state superman worlds at war #2

This Future State Superman story isn’t so much about gladiator Superman as it is showing DC made the right call in handing over the writing reins to Phillip Kennedy Johnson.

Johnson gets Superman in a way similar to Peter J. Tomasi, Patrick Gleason and Dan Jurgens during the Superman Rebirth heyday. His Superman is inspirational and even more so is inspired by the every day people that don’t have the ability to fly.

For much of this issue, Superman well wishers read a Clark Kent article about a World War II veteran against the backdrop of Superman fighting on Warworld. The dichotomy works well and doesn’t feel like a forced analogy that was a good idea in theory yet lacking in execution.

Artist Mikel Janin always excels in these retrospective style stories that require careful consideration in telling the story. Jordie Bellaire’s colors further highlights the contrast with dark reds and oranges for Superman’s battles and warm blues and greys for the Earth sequences.

This issue also included three smaller stories. The most interesting of the trio was the conclusion of the Mister Miracle storyline. Brandon Easton has a solid handle on Shilo Norman and it’s exciting to learn he’ll be doing a mini-series in the Infinite Frontier setting.

It is a bit disappointing that Easton’s artistic collaborator, Valentine De Landro, won’t be joining him as they make a strong pairing. The final two stories feature Midnighter and Black Racer. Neither of these are that compelling, but they’re more of a bonus to an already entertaining book.

Superman seems to be in great hands going forward and Mister Miracle’s future looks bright making a strong case why it’s worth picking this issue up.

Rating: 9.5 out of 10