Marvel Legends Fan First Friday reveals Quasar, complete Villains wave

Hasbro kicked off its first Marvel Legends 2021 Fan First Friday and it’s safe to say we got some very unexpected reveals.

While they couldn’t show anything yet, Ryan, Dan and Dwight did assure us we are getting some MCU figures from WandaVision and The Falcon and The Winter Soldier. They teased that April will be a busy month in terms of reveals so that’s something to anticipate.

As far as the Walgreens exclusives, we got another look at Nova and the news that Quasar will be the next addition to the cosmic theme roster coming later in the early summer. Nova is set for release around May.

marvel legends fan first friday - quasar

Two more figures were revealed without a mention of a wave so it’s possible they could be exclusives. First up is the Contest of Champions Civil Warrior, a repaint of the Hydra Captain America with a few new parts including a shield.

marvel legends fan first friday - silver warrior

The A.I. Tony Stark with translucent AI Stark head was basically an excuse for Hasbro to deliver the classic colors version of the 80th anniversary figure fans wanted to see.

The highlight of Fan First Friday was the full reveal of the Marvel Legends Villains wave as well with some big hits and a few misfires.


Battleworld Doctor Doom


Lady Deathstrike

Red Skull

Scientist Supreme

marvel legends fan first friday - scientist supreme

The Hood

We’re also getting a kinda weird BAF with Xemnu, which is basically a Sasquatch remake with some additional parts.

Doctor Doom does not come with a Build-A-Figure piece apparently so I might end up with a complete Xemnu without trying.


To wrap things up, we got a teaser of a sword, which could work for Conan or Captain Britain or various characters from Sword of X. What’d you think of the Fan First Friday reveals?

marvel legends fan first friday - mystery sword

I’ll have the links for the pre-orders up shortly.

Photo Credit: Hasbro