WandaVision – Breaking the Fourth Wall review Ep. 7

I’m starting to think the release of WandaVision wasn’t so coincidental after all. When Marvel Studios brought the first black superhero to the big screen for his standalone title, they released Black Panther in February. As February is winding down and with Breaking the Fourth Wall, WandaVision has nearly completed the origin of the first black woman superhero and I’ve found yet another reason to love this show.

It’s not like Monica has been a low-tier supporting cast member, but ever since Geraldine made her first appearance on WandaVision, she’s been positioned as a major character. We’re nearing the end of WandaVision (I’m not happy about that) and the hopefully just first season has focused just as much on creating Photon/Captain Marvel II as the mystery of Wanda’s new reality.

We’re nearly caught up to modern TV sitcoms so of course we get the Modern Family homage this episode. Wanda is shattering the fourth wall by talking to us fully acknowledging what she’s done albeit in an exhausted, exasperated fashion. 

Billy and Tommy notice some weird stuff going on like their game controllers degrading to previous console generations. To think there’s actually going to be some younger viewers who are going to think the Atari controllers are fake. 

wandavision breaking the fourth wall review - vision

Wanda tries to take a day for herself, which is reflected in the credits that only has a quick mention of Vision. Thankfully, Agnes is available to watch the twins so Wanda can have some quiet time and chat with the person operating the camera. Wait, that doesn’t happen on Modern Family…

Everyone’s favorite android is away from his beloved and wakening from his attempted escape from the hex. He spots the SWORD agents Wanda converted into circus performers…and Darcy. One mind meld technique and Darcy catches him up to speed about everything including his death by Wanda and then Thanos.

Various pieces of the puzzle start coming together with The Fourth Wall. Heyward’s interest in the happenings at Westview are only because Wanda grabbed Vision, who Heyward wants to recommission. If you’re going to use him, the relatively blank slate version is ideal. I love how this show is tying in to old comic book storylines


Monica is focused on helping Wanda and calls in a favor with some military pals who set her up with a space rover so she can enter the hex. That doesn’t work out so well for the rover as it gets partially rewritten to a station wagon, but Monica decides to try it on her own despite Jimmy Woo’s pleas. As she surges through, we hear some dialogue from Captain Marvel in a fun kind of Star Wars Force Ghost homage. 

After pushing through, Monica’s eyes turn blue and she’s seeing Westview from a different perspective…almost like she’s seeing different spectrums. Monica’s astronaut suit has been transformed into a SWORD jumpsuit that looks very close to one of Monica’s recent comic book attires. She’ll just need to swap that SWORD logo for a star.

wandavision breaking the fourth wall review - rover

Wanda still doesn’t want to hear anything from Monica and tries to send her out, but now Monica has enough abilities to stop the forceful eviction. Agnes peeps all of this from her window and encourages Wanda to come with her and not so casually warn Monica to stop interfering. 


It takes Wanda a second to realize the boys aren’t there and Agnes suggests she check the basement, which leads into a dungeon. Agnes shuts the door and introduces herself properly as the witch Agatha Harkness. Shout out to all the comic book sites who basically rushed to reveal Agnes’ true identity. We get a pretty funny Agatha theme song that warns It’s Been Agatha All Along and a montage of her pulling the strings through the various eras.

And if you thought we were getting more after that bombshell you’ve been watching a different show.  

Just kidding. You’re going to go into your normal instinct and stop watching once the credits roll but don’t as there’s actually a mid-credit scene this episode so make sure you stay tuned. 

wandavision breaking the fourth wall review -wanda and the changing milk

The circus escape and wacky music with Darcy and Vision scenes were a little weird, but worked to lull us in to a false sense of sitcom security. With the big reveal of the big bad and Photon this was a very eventful episode. I do kinda want to hurry up and get to next week, but I’m not in a rush for WandaVision to be over already. 

What’d you think of Breaking the Fourth Wall?

Rating: 9 out of 10

Photo Credit: Disney+