Star Wars The Black Series Chopper figure review

I’m slowly making my way through the Star Wars The Black Series figures from Star Wars Rebels. Along with Clone Wars and The Mandalorian, they rekindled my love of Star Wars this year to the point I need figures of all these characters. Easily one of my most favorite was Chopper.

Chopper was the antithesis of R2-D2, who could be a little mischievous, but not to the near psychotic level of The Ghost crew’s astromech. Hasbro re-released The Ghost gang allowing me to nab them all in one swoop and it was very satisfying to get them at once. Let’s see if he turned out just as good as the others so far.

Packaging: I’m gonna need to find some display space for this line’s new packaging. I love the unified mural setup and the smart accent color choice.

The Rebels characters get purple, which shows up nice in this package setup. The bio does a nice job of explaining his various jobs and his sometimes surly attitude about it.


Likeness:  Chopper doesn’t need to get translated from cartoon to a real life interpretation like the human members of The Ghost crew. The figure is crammed with an impressive amount of detail with the various panels and dials — all of which is sculpted.



Paint:  I love the paintwork. He never stayed all that glistening and clean so it’s fitting he has so much grime and dirt throughout.

The main areas area crisp with no paint slops or oversprays.

Scale:  Chopper should come up to regular character’s waists. He’s just a little shorter, but size wise he looks just fine.


Articulation:  As a droid Chopper doesn’t have the usual assortment of articulation points, but he does have all that he realistically needs. The arms in his head pop out to add to some more display options including holding whatever weapon he can get his hands on.


Chopper has:

  • neck
  • arms
  • panel ports
  • base
  • legs

Accessories:  Chopper has a surprising amount of accessories for a droid.


He’s got a blast effect, which is fitting for Chopper since he would take off and fly a lot on Rebels. The blast piece fits in the base well and has a great translucent orange and white paintjob.


He also has a roller piece that plugs into the base port. Additionally, he’s got the third leg from the episode where Chopper finds his matching leg and ditches the mission to retrieve it. I love how Chopper goes rogue sometimes so this was a fun inclusion.


Worth it?  Chopper was $20. Maybe droids could be a few dollars cheaper, but I don’t think Chopper is so poorly done or uses such little plastic that it’s a bad value at all.

Rating: 10 out of 10

Droid figures sometimes don’t feel like the same value as some other figures, but Chopper is very well executed and a terrific Black Series version of Rebels’ cantankerous astromech.


Where to get it? Like most things this year, retail is a crap shoot and it’s probably just easier to find them online. Amazon has him in stock.