Batwoman: Fair Skin, Blue Eyes review

Fair Skin, Blue Eyes reinforced the tale of two Batwoman shows — one, the interesting forward moving adventures of Ryan Wilder and the second, a lingering look back at the Kate Kane era.

For now I’m just going the fast forward route through most of Alice’s scenes.

The False Face Society has flooded the market with a new drug Snakebite, that’s not at all the focus of this episode.

That would be the return of The Candy Lady, a woman who kidnapped a young Ryan outside the comic book store, with hopes of breaking her into willingly being trafficked into a Gotham gang. Ryan thinks Candy Lady has grabbed a young boy, Kevin, who’s been missing for a few weeks.

Ryan had just gotten into another group home and befriended her eventual ex Angelique.

Outside of Black Lightning is someone in the Arrowverse just against having black couples on TV. Having Iris be a black woman on The Flash made a real statement, but it’s ok for more than Joe and Cecile holding it down for black love in the Arrowverse.

Candy Lady is willing to put in time though going a full 60 days to break her children. Conveniently so much has happened since then that Ryan didn’t think about it until now. That definitely doesn’t seem like something a person would forget…


Meanwhile, Jacob holds a news conference about Kate still being alive. Luke thinks the one million reward is going to help track down Kate and he’s acting pissy cause Mary won’t buy into it.

This puts Luke on a subplot intersection with poor Sophie, who’s been saddled as Alice’s by the book partner in this goofy buddy comedy.


Mary learns Ryan lives in her van, which leads to her offering the spare bedroom at her place to her new vigilante BFF.

Ryan reminisces about a search party finally coming to track her down, but as she hears them talking to the Candy Lady they’re looking for a girl with fair skin, blue eyes and a ruby necklace.


Mary realized that was Alice! Sigh. It’s always about Alice. Ryan literally can’t have anything without some forced ties and connections to Alice.

Ryan tracks down The Candy Lady and tries to talk, which was so TV stupid. If someone kidnapped you and you’re a vigilante your first instinct is to chat them up? Especially if you’re sure they’re still kidnapping kids??

And Candy Land has magic goons that pop out of thin air to help capture Ryan. They tie her up and take her in the attic, which apparently was all done for show as Candy Lady grabs a knife presumably to kill her.

Jacob’s press conference got some attention and a potential lead. Nope it’s just the False Face Society gunning for him for Kevin’s initiation.

batwoman-fair-skin-blue-eyes-review-kevin with false face

Fortunately, Batwoman arrives to save him and in a moment that actually works well, she tells Kevin that she sees him and he matters.

Hey, why won’t Ryan get her wound looked at? It’s not like she doesn’t know someone who can do that kind of thing… someone she actually lives with now.

Fair Skin, Blue Eyes again proved the writer’s point that they seem to forget every episode — Ryan can handle the show just fine on her own and Alice needs the recurring character status pronto.

Rating: 7 out of 10

Photo Credit: The CW

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