DC Comics reviews 2/23/21 – Future State Dark Detective #4, House of El #1

Future State Aquaman #2

future state aquaman #2

Some of the Future State books warranted a brief two-issue run. Others seemed like they could easily been expanded to four issues. Chalk Future State Aquaman as one where two issues didn’t feel like nearly enough.

For this issue, writer Brandon Thomas focuses on how Andy uses the lessons Jackson taught her to survive their years apart before they reunite. Thomas does a nice job of showing a teenage Andy that’s still unsure of herself as she tries to find her brother. That dynamic wasn’t the focus of the previous issue and it’s one that has a lot of potential. Thomas has a better handle of Andy this issue as well as she doesn’t come off like the typical teenager that has little use for their parent/guardian.

Daniel Sampere’s art is stellar with some creative designs for the characters Andy faces along her journey and the vast perspectives he utilizes to show the depth and majesty of the ocean. Adriano Lucas’s colors make for a gorgeous complement.

Jackson’s tenure as Aquaman remains a mystery and a book looking back on his journey from Aquaman to Aquaman while training his successor sounds like a compelling Future State spin-off.

This was a solid read and worth checking out for even the readers who just haven’t gotten invested in Aquaman.

Rating: 9.5 out of 10