DC Comics reviews 2/23/21 – Future State Dark Detective #4, House of El #1

Future State Dark Detective #4

future state dark detective #4

It’s a little frustrating that the four issue Future State titles manage to end on a vague, inconclusive note. That makes the investment in these stories come off like a waste of time.

Bruce Wayne prepares for his showdown with Peacekeeper-01 while gaining an unlikely ally in toppling the Magistrate’s reign of terror in Gotham. Writer Mariko Tamaki was somewhat handcuffed with the news of the continuation of the Future State Batman world. It’s hard to write a definitive ending if the story must go on. Still, there wasn’t much need to make this series four issues if it was going to roll in to Future State Batman.

Artist Dan Mora evokes the style of Greg Capullo with his energetic and action-packed panels. Paired with Jordie Bellaire’s colors, the future of Detective Comics looks bright.


This issue wrapped up (for now) the Red Hood and Ravager storyline. Joshua Williamson teased a greater purpose for Jason working with The Magistrate, another storyline that will get picked up in the future stories.

Artist Giannis Milonogiannis has a style that almost seems too lighthearted for this dark era of Gotham, but somehow it still works thanks to the constant sense of movement with the characters.

Dark Detective doesn’t offer a strong conclusion to this arc, but for Bruce Wayne and Jason Todd fans it’ll still be worth seeing how they enter into the next era of Future State.

Rating: 8 out of 10