DC Comics reviews 2/23/21 – Future State Dark Detective #4, House of El #1

Future State House of El #1

future state house of el #1

Philip Kennedy Johnson might be the biggest revelation of the Future State titles with his work on Superman. If it’s any indication of what’s in store when he handles the main Superman and Action Comics titles in the post Future State landscape, The Man of Steel will be back in good hands.

This issue focuses very little on Kal-El, but rather an alliance of races uniting under the banner of El. They’re led by Ronan, this generation’s Superman, as they prepare to stave off an attack from The Red King, an unstoppable force that’s already decimated potential allies like the Coalition of Lanterns and the Thanagarians.

Johnson sets up this reality so effectively in one issue that it’s a little disappointing this story only got one double-sized issue. It would have made for a strong read for four issues under the Future State label. The characters are easily defined and the threat major enough to warrant a squad of Supermen and Superwomen.

Artist Scott Godlewski delivers some of his sharpest work yet. The characters looked clean and the action sequences were easy to follow, which is a great sign as Godlewski will be collaborating with Johnson on Superman.

This might not be on your Future State radar, but it’s one of the strongest reads in the event. Johnson might not get a chance to revisit this setting again, but he establishes a conclusion that’s open ended enough just in case. Don’t miss out on this one.

Rating: 10 out of 10