DC Comics reviews 2/23/21 – Future State Dark Detective #4, House of El #1

Future State Suicide Squad #2

future state suicide squad #2

Future State Suicide Squad’s finale featured a lot of deaths, explosions and a rough transition to the Infinite Frontier Suicide Squad.

Peacemaker leads his Earth’s Squad against the Earth-3 Squad comprised of Connor Kent, Wonder Woman, The Flash and more led by Amanda Waller.
Writer Robbie Thompson isn’t able to make a strong case for this next iteration of the Squad, which features Superboy and Peacemaker. Clearly the latter’s inclusion is to create some synergy with the upcoming HBO Max series, but he’s not given a good showcase here.

Connor fares slightly better although the payoff for the mini-series arrives so abruptly it felt like Thompson ran out of pages and had to quickly cobble together an ending.

Javier Fernandez’s artwork was decent though the lack of familiar characters made his shadowy, moody art hard to follow at times.

The secondary story featuring Black Adam is a bit more engaging. That’s thanks largely due to writer Jeremy Adams writing the issue like it’s the mid chapter of a big event book complete with cameos from several prominent characters and the debuting Gold Beetle.

If that weren’t enough Fernando Pasarin tackles the art resulting in a highly detailed presentation. Pasarin is joined by frequent collaborators inker Oclair Albert and colorist Jeromy Cox. This is one of DC’s strongest art teams and they show why with the exquisite work here.

The payoff is somewhat underwhelming as it felt like Adams had to quickly cap the story just as it was building up to something special.
Black Adam’s story salvages most of this issue, but I kind of wish Adams had more time to play in this destructive sandbox he created.

Rating: 8 out of 10