DC Comics reviews 2/23/21 – Future State Dark Detective #4, House of El #1

Future State Superman vs. Imperious Lex #2

future state superman vs imperious lex #2

Given the somber nature of so many Future State titles, it was nice to read one that had an eye to the future while maintaining a throwback feel.

Superman and Lois Lane agree to let Lexor join the United Planets as Lex Luthor’s planet is mired in debt. Luthor invites Lois on a propaganda-filled tour as he worms his way to the United Planets.

With Lexor’s red sun, Superman can’t do too much in the event that Luthor pulls a fast one, which naturally he does.

Writer Mark Russell has a strong command of the three main characters’ voices. His Lex is a bit more in your face sinister than the snake operating behind the scenes, but it makes sense here as Luthor is empowered by an entire planet that hangs on his every word. I loved the banter between Superman and Lois as Russell is yet another writer who wasn’t stumped on how to make a married Superman engaging.

Artist Steve Pugh’s style might not work with every character, but it’s a smooth fit here. Pugh draws Superman formidable like a broad powerhouse in a nice visual distinction from the others. Even with an older Lois, Lex and Superman, Pugh retains their essence with subtle facial expressions and poses. Romulo Fajardo’s color choices are strong without changing the mysterious tone of the story.

While this was just a two-issue story, it didn’t come across like Russell was out of ideas. If anything, he set the title up for easy revisiting down the line without making any dramatic changes or killing off half the supporting cast. I’d be interested in this creative team revisiting this potential Superman future.

Rating: 8.5 out of 10

Photo Credit: DC Comics