AEW Unrivaled Rey Fenix figure review

I started off as Prince Puma fan, but eventually Rey Fenix started overtaking him as my favorite Lucha Underground star. He’s been just as exciting in Impact and AEW, which finally allowed me to get a figure with Wicked Cool Toys’ AEW Unrivaled line. Let’s see how far this figure will soar.

Package:  My complaints about the packaging still holds true.

aew unrivaled rey fenix figure review - package rear

The gold foil and black base color scheme is great, but the small side portrait and lackluster bio need a lot of work.

Likeness: Fenix has an awesome mask and Wicked Cool Toys’ sculptors did solid work capturing all of the details. Fenix’s attire is relatively simple beyond that with the exception of his boots, which sport a winged pattern.

aew unrivaled rey fenix figure review - wide shot

Fenix’s physique is hard to adequately capture as he’s got some definition in his abs, but he’s still a little thick around the torso. The parts used for Fenix line up with the best options available.

Scale:  Fenix is 5’10,” shorter than his brother, Pentagon Jr. at 5’11.” Fenix is right along the same height as the Young Bucks (Nick at 5’11” and Matt at 5’10”) and Hangman Adam Page and Kenny Omega at 6’.

aew unrivaled rey fenix figure review - death triangle lined up

The scale for these guys is pretty consistent since the majority of the roster is around the same height. WCT has been pretty fortunate to have focused on the characters that are mainly the same size. That’s why taller guys like Jon Moxley and the 6’7″ Dustin Rhodes look significantly out of scale.

aew unrivaled rey fenix figure review - death triangle

Paint:  Wicked Cool Toys did a great job on his tattoos. I’m a big fan of how WCT is turning out the tattoos as they look faded like actual ink on skin.

aew unrivaled rey fenix figure review - torso tattoo detail

I’m also appreciative of how WCT is trying to capture the more challenging aspects of Fenix’s attire with the silver in the mask and the patterns on his tights. These are very tiny, precise spaces and the paintwork is very well done.

Given the improved skin tone, solid tattoo placement and error-free paintwork on a higher degree of difficulty figure, Fenix is probably the best painted figure of the first two waves.

Articulation:  Fenix is a high flier and it’s very easy to pull off all of his moves.

aew unrivaled rey fenix figure review -jumping enuzgiri to johnny mundo

He’s a guy that would benefit from a figure stand so you could pose him in all of his mid-air moves.

aew unrivaled rey fenix figure review - superkick to johnny mundo

aew unrivaled rey fenix figure review - bridging german suplex

Rey Fenix has:

  • neck
  • bicep
  • ball-jointed shoulders
  • elbows (double-jointed)
  • wrists
  • wrist hinge
  • torso
  • waist
  • hips
  • thighs
  • knees (double-jointed)
  • ankles

aew unrivaled rey fenix figure review - corner spin kick to kenny omega


aew unrivaled rey fenix figure review -frog splash to kenny omega

aew unrivaled rey fenix figure review - rolling cutter to kenny omega

Accessories:  I’m really curious of the budget of this line as the figures are seriously lacking in extras throughout the wave. Fenix is the worst with zero accessories. WCT needs to get more creative about throwing in some bonus.

The Boss Studio Fenix is $17 more and has an additional head, several sets of hands and a kendo stick. You at least see the value with that figure.

aew unrivaled rey fenix figure review - lucha brothers taunt pose

Worth it?  I picked up Rey Fenix for $20. He really seems like a questionable value at that price with no accessories. At $15, which some Mattel WWE figures have been priced at the last few months, the Unrivaled figures would make for a much better deal.

Rating: 10 out of 10

Fenix is such a great figure I’ll give WCT a pass for the lack of accessories. He’s one of the must-get figures of this wave.

aew unrivaled rey fenix figure review - victory pose

Where to get it?  Compounding the issue with the lack of accessories is the lack of consistent availability. Walmart has them “in stock,” but good luck actually finding some regularly. Target has peg space up, but there’s been no movement on that front in terms of actually seeing them on the pegs in weeks.