The Flash – Success is Assured review S6 E19

I had little interest in rushing to watch Success is Assured since it really wasn’t last year’s season finale. With the next season set to start tonight and the actual conclusion to this cliffhanger, I figured now was the time to finally catch up. After watching it, I definitely made the right call as this was a very interesting episode that needed quicker resolution than several months later. 

Frost is heading out with her mom to learn more about her powers. According to The Flash promotional team, Caitlin/Frost’s whereabouts are always of primary concern. This also helpfully writes out Danielle Panabaker as she was all set to deliver her baby at that point.

While I thought Barry exhausted his Speed Force reserves last episode, he’s still got a little bit left in the tank to track down a Black Hole depository with Ralph. That leads to Barry confronting Carver, who gives him the spoiler that the Mirror Verse is incompatible with the human brain.

Carver is a pretty nice scummy bad guy and the kind of villain Flash should incorporate more often since he can’t be taken care of as…quickly with Barry’s powers. 

the flash success is assured review - nash and allegra

It’s immensely frustrating watching an extended Flash arc where he doesn’t have his powers…again. This feels like it’s the norm too often on the show and I wish they’d just create more formidable villains instead of powering Barry down…and no one else.

The long hiatus reminded me that Team Flash has gone through a number of changes and not many of them are for the better. This arc and episode in particular really show how badly Carlos Valdes’ Cisco is missed. I really don’t care about the Nash and Allegra drama and long past over caring about Frost/Caitlin. And this show really needs the fun snark tech humor Cisco provides.


Boy, this Ralph subplot sure didn’t age well. If only someone on The Flash team hired a private investigator to do a background check on Hartley Sawyer…For the sake of expediency, here’s the presumed conclusion of Ralph’s arc — he pals around with Sue a bit longer as she offered to go to the Mirror Verse to spare her parents from Carver. 

Eva likes the Success is Assured catchphrase, which admittedly sounds like a pretty decent business slogan, after she blasts Flash. Major style points to Eva for buying off Carver’s minions as her elite guard.

the flash success is assured review -barry and carver

This episode featured some funky cross cut panels for the action sequence. That’s a clever idea and plays out the whole mirror gimmick, but quickly gets overused. Despite his best efforts, Eva does manage to kill Carver. Not like Carver was some innocent, good guy, but how often does a hero straight up fail to save a target on The ArrowVerse? Wild. 

With her mission accomplished, Eva isn’t holding any grudges and lets Team Flash go with a dismissive “run along, Barry.” So noted. 

It’s not all good though as Sue has been framed for Carver’s murder. What an odd choice of scapegoats. Wouldn’t Barry (or in hindsight Ralph) made more sense? Who was Sue to Eva? Hopefully these questions won’t keep me up at night. 

Just when things are at their lowest it’s time for the cavalry AKA Joe to return. This is a good thing as in 2021, I desperately need some Joe West pep talks if Barry doesn’t. 

the flash success is assured review - eva

Irish and Kamilla are still in the Mirror Verse trying to find a way out. Iris does so unintentionally as she vanishes and Kamilla is left all on her own. How’s that for a cliffhanger?

It’s not fair to rate Success is Assured like a season finale even though it has that slot. It is fair to say this wasn’t the most exciting home stretch to wind down a season in the series’ history. The real verdict will be how this all gets resolved when Season 7 kicks off. 

Rating: 7.5 out of 10

Photo Credit: The CW

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