Superman and Lois: Heritage review S1 E2

By the end of Heritage, a lot of my concerns about Superman & Lois have been erased. This feels like a Superman show done by people who understand the character and choose to celebrate him and his supporting cast. 

Clark and Lois are concerned Jordan’s powers are going to spaz out again so he gets a trip to the Fortress of Solitude while Jon has to go to school. Hopefully Jordan remembers to get his brother a T-shirt from the gift shop. Jordan meets the A.I. simulation of Jor-El (Angus McFadyen, Braveheart), who quickly assess that Jordan won’t ever be as super as his dad. 

This is the fear of every son with a positive father/father figure and the writers manage to not make this come off too clunky and obvious. There’s some subtlety with how this is presented and it works. Also, I feel like now is a good time to mention the impressive high quality of the special effects as the Fortress looks really spectacular. 

superman and lois -heritage review - clark and jordan


Jonathan’s subplot where he’s getting harassed by the football team also played out nicely since Jonathan is relatively well adjusted yet getting annoyed that Jordan isn’t even acknowledging the sacrifices of the rest of the family. 

Lois didn’t get shortchanged in Heritage as she attended a City Council meeting, met the Smallville Gazette reporter/editor Chrissy Beppo (Sofia Hasmik) and had a face off with Morgan Edge as he tried to sell the residents on his refurbishing plan. Beppo was the name of the Super Monkey back in the old Silver Age Superman comics so that was a fun Easter Egg. Lois goes on the offensive with a scathing takedown of Edge, but since he’s her boss at the Daily Planet, he re-edits it into a fluff piece.

While I was concerned Lois was going to give up everything beyond her control, it made sense for Lois to quit and work for the Gazette. Lois having to go back to basics could be fun.

superman and lois -heritage review - morgan edge

One very commendable element of Superman & Lois is the handling of Kyle. He’s a character on most other CWVerse shows that would be a caricature spouting off all the cliché MAGA catchphrases to quickly identify him as an obnoxious jerk. He’s presented with far more nuance and layers here, which allows a differing of opinion that makes for healthy dialogue. It’d be too easy to paint Kyle with the wide brush of an ignorant jerk and it’s not this ridiculous strain to wonder why Lana married him.


Capt. Luthor (Wolé Parks) is looking for Kryptonite and tasks his ship’s AI with tracking some down. This leads to two very well done fight sequences. The show getting renewed for a second season already is a good sign that The CW has faith in the show and as long as the special effects/action scenes are close to this level a third season should be inevitable. 

There’s a few shortcuts, but otherwise the fight scenes had a feel of actual impact and a power behind the throw down. 

One thing I’m still a little worried about is if every episode is going to have one of the twins going off on a teen rant against Clark or Lois. I suppose that’s not uncommon with teenagers, but it could quickly get tiresome.


Luthor is concerned that Kal-El will do to this planet what he already did on another Earth. He tries to recruit Gen. Lane to his cause, which seems like a longshot, but if anyone would be leery of Superman it would be him. We get some excellent context for Luthor’s concern with a glimpse of a black and silver clad Superman mowing down soldiers with his heat vision. I’m confused. Is this before or after Batman starts firing his guns and the parademons arrive? Kidding. This looks nice and ominous and provides Luthor with an excellent reason to want to kill Superman. 

It’s not often when the second episode of a series addresses so many concerns from the pilot, but Heritage showed a good balance of Superman action, family drama and differing viewpoints.

Rating: 9 out of 10

Photo Credit: The CW