WandaVision – The Series Finale review Ep. 9

Given the setup and major revelations over the past few episodes there really wasn’t another way for WandaVision to end. Yet the Series Finale proved there’s plenty of stories left to be told for Wanda and Vision.

Is that enough to warrant a second season? Maybe not. This episode is titled The Series Finale after all, but it definitely accomplished the goal of leaving the audience wanting more.

Fan theories and speculation might lead to a level of disappointment that there’s no mind blowing guest appearance or special cameo. While insert Marvel Cinematic Universe character randomly popping up would have been cool, what we did get made sense in the actual scope of the series.

And from a certain point of view it’s not like WandaVision ended without giving us two new heroes.

wandavision the series finale review - agatha

The Series Finale played out much like the final act of a MCU film with Wanda-created Vision vs. original now blanco Vision while Wanda battled Agatha.

Agatha proved an interesting character as she was trying to cut Wanda off before she could fully explore the limits of her power. We got a glimpse of this during Avengers: Endgame, but Agatha says Wanda has power that exceeds that of the Sorcerer Supreme. This seemed like foreshadowing a Doctor Strange cameo, but that was the extent of him in The Series Finale.

I loved the Avengers: Age of Ultron callback with Wanda sneaking up in Agatha to channel her deepest fears/nightmare of getting burned at the stake.

Not gonna lie, I was geeking out hard when Wanda started creating her comic inspired headpiece. And then the whole Scarlet Witch costume? Money! It’s about time Wanda got a somewhat rooted in the comic books costume. Agatha swears Wanda has no idea what she’s unleashed. If anything this is the line that could get WandaVision in trouble for setting viewers’ expectations sky high and letting YouTubers and websites break down a million scenarios before we get the actual answer in Spider-Man: No Way Home and Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. 

Vision had a pretty intense throw down with Classic Vision before taking the more logical (i.e. Vision) approach of just talking things out. This seems to pave the way for a future appearance of enlightened — literally and figuratively — Vision to return in the MCU either with Wanda or on his own.


Heyward was blown at seeing his plans unravel and he tried to take out the twins only to have Monica repel his bullets.

WandaVision gave us a nice teaser of her powers, but there so much more to explore with her. Teyonah Parris really proved to be an exceptional casting choice for this classic Avengers character. I’m soooo excited to see where Monica’s journey takes her next in the MCU and I love the idea that she’s a wildcard that’s not explicitly tied down to one character or another.

Darcy crashed into Heyward’s car to stop him from getting away. This was a nice way to include Darcy in the series finale without making her a central point while also increasing interest in Darcy making another return in other films/shows. Ditto for Jimmy Woo, who looks like he could fill the MCU void that’s been felt ever since Coulson’s film death. 

There was a genuine sense of sadness as Wanda finally made peace with her grief and said goodbye to Westview, her children and her memory of Vision. This was powerful stuff and I’m glad the moment wasn’t rushed so we could fully take in Wanda’s long overdue catharsis moment. 

Wanda can’t say anything to make the Westview residents feel any better, but thanks Monica and promises to get better control of her powers. In the wrap-up of Westview, an FBI agent tells Monica she needs to get debriefed in the theater only for the agent to reveal herself as a Skrull. Nick Fury’s been keeping tabs on her and wants to meet with her in space. I wonder if that means Monica will also be a part of the Secret Invasion series..


In the second post credit scene, we see Wanda in a cabin in the woods having now mastered the art of casting an astral projection that can function independently of her physical self. The astral Scarlet Witch projection is thumbing through the book Agatha left behind when she hears one of the twins calling for her. But weren’t they wiped out with Wanda’s Westview?

If I had one minor complaint it’d be the lack of a road map to know where Wanda’s story will continue. Even if it was just a title card. This was an extensive journey to leave us on a bit of a cliffhanger, but that’s fitting for the serial nature of the MCU. 

WandaVision proved to be a major success as Marvel’s first Disney+ series and fortunately we only have to wait a few weeks for the next installment with The Falcon and The Winter Soldier. If it’s half as good as this 2021 is going to be a memorable year for Marvel Studios. 

Rating: 9.5 out of 10

Photo Credit: Disney+