Hasbro is going old school with these Kenner The Real Ghostbusters toys

Hasbro is teaming up with Walmart for some exclusive collector’s items featuring the classic Ghostbusters including an Ecto-1 and vintage ghosts. As a regular viewer of The Real Ghostbusters and even the other Ghostbusters series, it’s always cool to see new versions inspired by the old school shows.

It’s a (proton) blast from the past with The Real Ghostbusters ghosts from Hasbro’s GHOSTBUSTERS Kenner Classics line! Inspired by The Real Ghostbusters cartoon, the packaging features design and deco influenced by the toys from the 80s. Kids can imagine eerie encounters with The Real Ghostbusters ghosts toys as it showcases fun action features, including cyclops eye-popping action from Bug-Eye and rolling action to reveal a fearsome ghost inside from Fearsome Flush.


The Real Ghostbusters Bug-Eye and Fearsome Flush toys from Hasbro’s GHOSTBUSTERS Kenner Classics line are perfect for those wanting to relive the glory days of Saturday morning cartoons and ghostly green juice boxes or those who want to introduce a new generation of fans to the Ghostbusters. Available exclusively at Walmart.

Bug-Eyed Bandit

Fearsome Flush

Photo Credit: Hasbro