March Bashness 2021 – Vote on 1st Round now

It’s that special time of year again. We’re back for another round of March Bashness, one of my favorite and overwhelming projects I do every year. Thankfully between Mattel and Wicked Cool Toys cranking out some stellar tag teams over the course of the last year I’ve got plenty of teams in the field.

One big change is a limited amount of classic teams. They tend to dominate the field and I wanted to level it a bit with more contemporary/modern era teams. Besides, I’m fully expecting to knock out some more teams (British Bulldogs? Powers of Pain?) along with the already confirmed Dream Team, Pride & Powerful, SCU and Jurassic Express and it’s always good to have some newcomers step up.

If you’ve never taken part in March Bashness the rules are simple: vote on the team you think will win and I’ll play out the action with the figures each round until a champion is determined. That’s enough hype, let’s meet the teams and matchups for the first round of March Bashness 2021 to see what team will capture the coveted Boynes Trophy:

North Bracket

dudley boyz vs. jericho-mjf

(1) The Dudley Boyz vs. (8) Chris Jericho/MJF

The legendary and acclaimed brothers face off against the dancing and singing leaders of The Inner Circle.

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war machine vs zayn and owens

(4) War Machine vs. (5) Sami Zayn/Kevin Owens

This battle of Ring of Honor tag team champions from different eras is about more than bragging rights and will determine who reaches the next round of the bracket.
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hardy boyz vs broserweights

(2) The Hardy Boyz vs. (7) The Broserweights

What Pete Dunne and Matt Riddle lack in experience they make up for with savvy submissions and knockout moves. Will it be enough to stop the high flying Hardy Boyz?
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diy vs hart dynasty

(3) DIY vs. (6) The Hart Dynasty

The Hart’s blend of power and speed prove a unique blend of styles, but DIY has claimed victories against half the field and is a trendy Fatal Four pick.
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South Bracket

young bucks vs cas and nzo

(1) The Young Bucks vs. (8) CaZXL/nZo

The overall top seed looks to follow in the footsteps of The Hart Foundation and Four Horsemen in running the table. First up is a challenge for the play-in team of the former Cas and Enzo as they continue their improbable comeback.
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omega and page vs eddie and rey

(4) Kenny Omega/Hangman Adam Page vs. (5) Eddie Guerrero/Rey Mysterio

This is the first-round our panel is most anticipating with the battle tested Elite team facing off against one of the most cunning and dynamic teams in the tournament.
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new day vs ascension

(2) The New Day vs. (7) The Ascension

New Day was not thrilled with not earning a top seed and look to take out their frustration out on the powerhouse NXT duo.
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miz and morrison vs hurt business

(3) Miz & Morrison vs. (6) The Hurt Business

While our experts predict this could be an upset, Miz and Morrison have been a decorated team for years and have plenty of tricks in store. Will that be enough to stop a combination of The Almighty Bobby Lashley, MVP and Shelton Benjamin?
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East Bracket

undisputed era vs dreamer raven

(1) Undisputed Era vs. (8) Tommy Dreamer/Raven

The hardcore hooligans look to bust everyone’s bracket by shocking The Undisputed Era.
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kings of wrestling vs sanity

(4) Kings of Wrestling vs. (5) SanITY

Claudio Castagnoli and Chris Hero draw a tough early round matchup as they face off with Eric Young’s demented and dangerous squad.
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usos vs nation

(2) The Usos vs. (7) D-Lo Brown and Mark Henry

The Uso Penitentiary tries to put the lock down on this contingent from The Nation of Domination.
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lucha bros. vs wyatt family

(3) Lucha Bros. vs. (6) The Wyatt Family

It’s a good thing Pentagon Jr. and Fenix have zero fear as facing off against Bray Wyatt’s family is the stuff of nightmares.
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West Bracket

revival vs dirty dogs

(1) The Revival/FTR vs. (8) Dirty Dogs

It’s a battle of sneaky heels who’ll do anything to advance in the tournament. Could Roode and Ziggler prevent the reckoning of The Revival?
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2 cool vs authors of pain

(4) II Cool vs. (5) Authors of Pain

Will the Worm run wild or get squashed by the writers of carnage and destruction?
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shield vs american alpha

(2) The Shield vs. (7) American Alpha

Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns put aside their differences to unleash the Hounds of Justice in this field. Their first challenge is the youthful NXT duo.
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good brothers vs street profits

(3) Good Bros. vs. (6) Street Profits

Will the Good Brothers get the smoke from the Sultans of Swag or head to a potential grudge match against The Shield?
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And let’s make this year’s March Bashness interesting. Fill out a bracket and send to [email protected] and if I get at least 10 completed March Bashness brackets back, the one with the most correct picks will win a prize. Just make sure to include your own email along so I can contact you if you win. You’ve got until Friday to submit your bracket.

March Bashness 2021 bracket